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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Atheriniformes
Family: Melanotaeniidae Rainbowfishes, blue eyes

Genus: Melanotaenia

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71 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Melanotaenia affinis North New Guinea rainbowfish Asia and Oceania 11.5 SL 1907
Melanotaenia ajamaruensis Ajamaru lakes rainbowfish Asia 8.5 SL 1980
Melanotaenia albimarginata Whitetip rainbowfish Asia 9.1 SL 2015
Melanotaenia ammeri South East Asia 8.2 SL 2008
Melanotaenia angfa Yakati rainbowfish Asia 12 SL 1990
Melanotaenia arfakensis Arfak rainbowfish Asia 8 SL 1990
Melanotaenia arguni Asia 7.3 SL 2012
Melanotaenia aruensis Aru rainbowfish Asia 7.6 SL 2015
Melanotaenia australis Western rainbowfish Oceania 11 SL 1875
Melanotaenia batanta Batanta rainbowfish Asia 8.7 SL 1998
Melanotaenia boesemani Boeseman's rainbowfish Asia 9 SL 1980
Melanotaenia caerulea Blue rainbowfish Oceania 6.2 SL 1996
Melanotaenia catherinae Waigeo rainbowfish Asia 7.5 SL 1910
Melanotaenia corona Corona rainbowfish Asia 10 SL 1982
Melanotaenia duboulayi Crimsonspotted rainbowfish Oceania 11 SL 1878
Melanotaenia eachamensis Lake Eacham rainbowfish Oceania 6.5 SL 1982
Melanotaenia ericrobertsi Western Central Pacific 5.2 SL 2014
Melanotaenia exquisita Exquisite rainbowfish Oceania 7.5 SL 1978
Melanotaenia fasinensis Asia 2010
Melanotaenia flavipinnis Asia 7.7 SL 2014
Melanotaenia fluviatilis Murray River rainbowfish Oceania 11 SL 1878
Melanotaenia fredericki Sorong rainbowfish Asia 9 SL 1939
Melanotaenia garylangei Asia 7.8 SL 2015
Melanotaenia goldiei Goldie River rainbowfish Asia and Oceania 11.5 SL 1883
Melanotaenia gracilis Slender rainbowfish Oceania 7.5 SL 1978
Melanotaenia herbertaxelrodi Lake Tebera rainbowfish Oceania 9 SL 1981
Melanotaenia irianjaya Irian Jaya rainbowfish Asia 8.5 SL 1985
Melanotaenia iris Strickland rainbowfish Oceania 10 SL 1987
Melanotaenia japenensis Yapen rainbowfish Asia 7.7 SL 1980
Melanotaenia kamaka Kamaka rainbowfish Asia 6.1 SL 1996
Melanotaenia kokasensis Asia 2008
Melanotaenia kolaensis Kola rainbowfish Asia 7.9 SL 2015
Melanotaenia lacustris Lake Kutubu rainbowfish Oceania 10 SL 1964
Melanotaenia lakamora Lakamora rainbowfish Asia 5.5 SL 1996
Melanotaenia laticlavia Asia 7.0 SL 2014
Melanotaenia maccullochi Macculloch's rainbowfish Oceania 7 SL 1915
Melanotaenia mairasi Asia 2011
Melanotaenia maylandi Mayland's rainbowfish Asia 9 SL 1983
Melanotaenia misoolensis Misool rainbowfish Asia 6 SL 1982
Melanotaenia monticola Mountain rainbowfish Oceania 8 SL 1980
Melanotaenia mubiensis Mubi rainbowfish Oceania 9.3 SL 1996
Melanotaenia multiradiata Asia 12.3 SL 2014
Melanotaenia nigrans Blackbanded rainbowfish Oceania 10 TL 1843
Melanotaenia ogilbyi Ogilby's rainbowfish Asia 7 SL 1910
Melanotaenia oktediensis Oktedi rainbowfish Oceania 10 SL 1980
Melanotaenia papuae Papuan rainbowfish Oceania 6.5 SL 1981
Melanotaenia parkinsoni Parkinson's rainbowfish Oceania 11 SL 1980
Melanotaenia parva Lake Kuromai rainbowfish Asia 5.5 SL 1990
Melanotaenia patoti Patoti’s rainbowfish Asia 8.8 SL 1907
Melanotaenia picta Painted rainbowfish Asia 9.3 SL 2015
Melanotaenia pierucciae Pierucci's rainbowfish Asia 5.9 SL 1996
Melanotaenia pimaensis Pima River rainbowfish Oceania 10 SL 1981
Melanotaenia praecox Dwarf rainbowfish Asia 5 SL 1922
Melanotaenia pygmaea Pygmy rainbowfish Oceania 5.5 SL 1978
Melanotaenia rubripinnis Red-finned rainbowfish Asia 10.2 SL 1998
Melanotaenia rubrivittata Asia 4.9 SL 2015
Melanotaenia rubrostriata Red-striped rainbowfish Asia and Oceania 12.5 SL 1886
Melanotaenia salawati South East Asia 2011
Melanotaenia senckenbergianus Senckenberg rainbowfish Asia 6.8 SL 1911
Melanotaenia sexlineata Fly River rainbowfish Oceania 7.3 SL 1964
Melanotaenia solata Northern Rainbowfish Oceania 12 SL 1964
Melanotaenia splendida Eastern rainbowfish Oceania 20 SL 1866
Melanotaenia sylvatica Oceania 5.5 SL 1997
Melanotaenia synergos Asia 6.4 SL 2008
Melanotaenia trifasciata Banded rainbowfish Oceania 13 SL 1922
Melanotaenia urisa Asia 8.8 SL 2012
Melanotaenia utcheensis Utchee rainbowfish Oceania 2001
Melanotaenia vanheurni Van Heurn's rainbowfish Asia 16 SL 1922
Melanotaenia veoliae Asia 9.2 SL 2012
Melanotaenia wanoma Asia 7.3 SL 2012
Melanotaenia wokamensis Wokam rainbowfish Asia 7.6 SL 2015

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