Species in Lake Rukwa
     n= 61 (Incomplete)
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Acapoeta tanganicae Cyprinidae benthopelagic 61.0 TL 2.0 native
Amphilius jacksonii Marbled mountain catfish Amphiliidae demersal 15.0 TL 3.0 misidentification
Amphilius pedunculus Amphiliidae demersal 14.5 TL 3.0 native
Amphilius uranoscopus Stargazer mountain catfish Amphiliidae demersal 19.5 TL 2.9 native
Auchenoglanis occidentalis Bubu Claroteidae demersal 85.4 TL 2.9 native
Brycinus imberi Spot-tail Alestidae demersal 19.8 TL 3.3 native
Brycinus sadleri Sadler's robber Alestidae pelagic 13.8 TL 3.2 native
Chelaethiops rukwaensis Lake Rukwa sardine Cyprinidae benthopelagic 12.2 TL 3.2 native
Chiloglanis mbozi Mbozi suckermouth Mochokidae benthopelagic 5.7 TL 3.1 endemic
Chiloglanis rukwaensis Lake Rukwa suckermouth Mochokidae benthopelagic 4.8 TL 3.1 endemic
Chiloglanis trilobatus Three-lobed suckermouth Mochokidae benthopelagic 5.2 TL 3.1 endemic
Clarias alluaudi Alluaud's catfish Clariidae demersal 23.0 TL 3.2 native
Clarias gariepinus North African catfish Clariidae benthopelagic 170.0 TL 3.8 native
Clarias liocephalus Smoothhead catfish Clariidae demersal 32.0 TL 3.3 native
Coptodon rendalli Redbreast tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 45.0 TL 2.3 native
Cyphomyrus discorhynchus Zambesi parrotfish Mormyridae demersal 37.8 TL 3.2 native
Engraulicypris spinifer Malagarasi sardine Cyprinidae benthopelagic 6.1 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius apleurogramma East African red finned barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 6.6 TL 2.9 native
Enteromius brachygramma Linespotted ufipa barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 5.2 TL 3.0 questionable
Enteromius jacksoni Jackson's barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 14.1 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius lineomaculatus Line-spotted barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 10.5 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius oligogrammus Cyprinidae benthopelagic 8.2 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius paludinosus Straightfin barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 18.3 TL 2.9 native
Enteromius pellegrini Pellegrin's barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 14.3 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius radiatus Redeye barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 14.6 TL 2.8 native
Haplochromis fuelleborni Fuelleborn's mouthbrooder Cichlidae benthopelagic 12.0 TL 3.3 native
Heterobranchus longifilis Sampa Clariidae demersal 183.0 TL 3.7 questionable
Hydrocynus vittatus Tiger fish Alestidae demersal 116.6 TL 3.7 native
Kneria rukwaensis Kneriidae demersal 7.6 TL 2.1 native
Labeo cylindricus Redeye labeo Cyprinidae benthopelagic 30.5 TL 2.0 native
Labeo fuelleborni Fuelleborn's labeo Cyprinidae benthopelagic 43.0 TL 2.2 native
Lacustricola centralis Cental east african lampeye Poeciliidae benthopelagic 3.3 TL 3.0 native
Lacustricola matthesi Saisi lampeye Poeciliidae benthopelagic 3.9 TL 3.0 endemic
Lacustricola moeruensis Moero lampeye Poeciliidae benthopelagic 4.0 TL 3.0 native
Marcusenius macrolepidotus Bulldog Mormyridae demersal 32.0 TL 3.2 native
Mastacembelus frenatus Longtail spiny eel Mastacembelidae demersal 48.8 TL 3.9 native
Micropanchax fuelleborni Lake Rukwa lampeye Poeciliidae benthopelagic 3.5 TL 2.9 native
Micropanchax johnstoni Johnston's topminnow Poeciliidae benthopelagic 8.5 TL 3.2 misidentification
Nothobranchius ivanovae Nothobranchiidae pelagic 5.4 TL 3.2 endemic
Nothobranchius kardashevi Nothobranchiidae pelagic 4.6 TL 3.2 endemic
Nothobranchius taeniopygus Striped nothobranch Nothobranchiidae benthopelagic 5.5 TL 3.2 native
Oreochromis esculentus Singida tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 61.0 TL 2.5 introduced
Oreochromis leucostictus Blue spotted tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 44.3 TL 2.3 introduced
Oreochromis malagarasi Malagarasi tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 27.0 TL 2.3 questionable
Oreochromis niloticus Nile tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 73.2 TL 2.0 introduced
Oreochromis rukwaensis Lake Rukwa tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 40.3 TL 2.2 native
Petrocephalus catostoma Churchill Mormyridae demersal 16.6 TL 3.4 native
Polypterus ornatipinnis Ornate bichir Polypteridae demersal 60.0 TL 3.7 native
Protopterus amphibius Gilled lungfish Protopteridae demersal 44.3 TL 3.7 questionable
Protopterus annectens West African lungfish Protopteridae demersal 100.0 TL 3.8 native
Pseudocrenilabrus philander Southern mouthbrooder Cichlidae benthopelagic 13.0 TL 3.7 native
Raiamas moorii Lake Rukwa minnow Cyprinidae benthopelagic 22.0 TL 3.3 native
Schilbe intermedius Silver catfish Schilbeidae pelagic 61.0 TL 3.6 native
Schilbe mystus African butter catfish Schilbeidae demersal 42.7 TL 3.5 questionable
Synodontis afrofischeri Fischer's Victoria squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 21.6 TL 3.4 native
Synodontis fuelleborni Fuelleborn's squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 19.2 TL 2.9 native
Synodontis ricardoae Ricardo's squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 7.8 TL 2.9 native
Synodontis rukwaensis Lake Rukwa squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 29.0 TL 2.9 native
Synodontis zambezensis Plain squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 52.5 TL 2.7 native
Tilapia sparrmanii Banded tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 23.5 TL 2.7 native
Zaireichthys rotundiceps Spotted sand catlet Amphiliidae demersal 4.6 TL 3.4 native
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