Family Rhyacichthyidae - Loach gobies
No. in FishBase
Genera : 2 | Species : 3 Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
Fresh : Yes | Brackish : Yes | Marine : Yes
  First Fossil Record
Distribution: Indo-Australian Archipelago, Philippines, China, and Solomon Islands. All amphidromous (Keith et al. in press 2014). Compressed tail. Depressed head. Eyes small. Upper lip fleshy. Interpelvic space wide. Broad pectoral fins; rays 21 or 22. With an adhesive or sucking disc comprised of the lower surface of head, anterior part of the body, and the paired fins. Dorsal fins quite apart. First dorsal with 7 weak spines; second dorsal with 1 spine and 8 or 9 soft rays. One weak spine in anal fin; 8 or 9 soft rays. About 35-40 ctenoid scales in lateral line. Well developed lateral line system on head and body. Lunate caudal fin. About 32 cm maximum length. Further characterized by the following primitive characteristics: complete lateral line, with canal pores in grooved scales on the side of the body; presence of infraorbital and supratemporal lateral canals and pores in one genus, Rhyacichthys, absent in Protogobius; cephalic portion of lateral line canal continues with the body lateral line in Rhyacichthys, not in Protogobius, where there is a break above pectoral fin base; preoperculum broadened and reaches symplectic in Rhyacichthys while two bones barely meet in Protogobius; presence of two infraorbital bones, lacrimal plus one infraorbital; metapterygoid reaches toward quadrate and not incontact with endopterygoid; broad and stout endopterygoid; well-developed scapula and extends dorsally to separate uppermost pectoral radial from the cleithrum; presence of dorsal postcleithrum; presence of three epurals (shared with Terateleotris); small dorsal and ventral procurrent catilages in the caudal fin and do not support anterior unsegmented rays (Ref. 92840).
Greek, rhyax, -akos = rushing stream + Greek, ichthys = fish ( Ref. 45335).
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Osteichthyes | Actinopterygii | Actinopteri | Neopterygii | Teleostei | Osteoglossocephalai | Clupeocephala | Euteleosteomorpha | Neoteleostei | Eurypterygia | Ctenosquamata | Acanthomorphata | Acanthopterygii | Percomorphaceae | Gobiaria | | | Gobiiformes | Gobioidei | | Rhyacichthyidae

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Scientifc name Status Senior/Junior synonym Combination
Rhyacichthys aspro (Valenciennes, 1837)
Platyptera aspro Valenciennes, 1837
! Rhyacichthys asparo (Valenciennes, 1837)
Rhyacichthys guilberti Dingerkus & Séret, 1992
Protogobius attiti Watson & Pöllabauer, 1998
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