List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 31
Species Name Used in Reference
Atopochilus savorgnani Sauvage, 1879 Atopochilus savorgnani (p. 700;fig.24.1)
Chiloglanis batesii Boulenger, 1904 Chiloglanis batesii (p. 704;fig.24.3)
Chiloglanis cameronensis Boulenger, 1904 Chiloglanis cameronensis (p. 706;fig.24.4)
Chiloglanis disneyi Trewavas, 1974 Chiloglanis disneyi (p. 707;fig.24.5)
Chiloglanis harbinger Roberts, 1989 Chiloglanis harbinger (p. 707;fig.24.5)
Chiloglanis niger Roberts, 1989 Chiloglanis niger (p. 709;fig.24.7)
Chiloglanis polypogon Roberts, 1989 Chiloglanis polypogon (p. 710;fig.24.8)
Chiloglanis sanagaensis Roberts, 1989 Chiloglanis sanagaensis (p. 712;fig.24.9)
Microsynodontis armatus Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis armatus (p. 716;fig.24.14)
Microsynodontis batesii Boulenger, 1903 Microsynodontis batesii (p. 716;fig.24.15)
Microsynodontis emarginata Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis emarginata (p. 718;fig.24.16)
Microsynodontis hirsuta Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis hirsuta (p. 720;fig.24.17)
Microsynodontis laevigata Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis laevigata (p. 721;fig.24.18)
Microsynodontis nannoculus Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis nannoculus (p. 723;fig.24.19)
Microsynodontis nasutus Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis nasutus (p. 724;fig.24.20)
Microsynodontis notata Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis notata (p. 726;fig.24.21)
Microsynodontis vigilis Ng, 2004 Microsynodontis vigilis (p. 727;fig.24.22)
Synodontis acanthoperca Friel & Vigliotta, 2006 Synodontis acanthoperca (p. 732;fig.24.23)
Synodontis albolineatus Pellegrin, 1924 Synodontis albolineata (p. 733;fig.24.24)
Synodontis batesii Boulenger, 1907 Synodontis batesii (p. 734;fig.24.25)
Synodontis haugi Pellegrin, 1906 Synodontis haugi (p. 736;fig.24.26)
Synodontis marmoratus Lönnberg, 1895 Synodontis marmorata (p. 736;fig.24.27)
Synodontis nigrita Valenciennes, 1840 Synodontis nigrita (p. 738;fig.24.28)
Synodontis obesus Boulenger, 1898 Synodontis obesus (p. 746;fig.24.35)
Synodontis polyodon Vaillant, 1895 Synodontis polyodon (p. 740;fig.24.29)
Synodontis rebeli Holly, 1926 Synodontis rebeli (p. 748;fig.24.36)
Synodontis robbianus Smith, 1875 Synodontis robbianus (p. 741;fig.24.30)
Synodontis schall (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Synodontis schall (p. 742;fig.24.31)
Synodontis steindachneri Boulenger, 1913 Synodontis steindachneri (p. 744;fig.24.32)
Synodontis tessmanni Pappenheim, 1911 Synodontis tessmanni (p. 744;fig.24.33)
Synodontis violaceus Pellegrin, 1919 Synodontis violacea (p. 746;fig.24.34)
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