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Bregmaceros atlanticus  ; picture (Bratl_o1.gif), Ref. No. 120946, Contact info. , COSS-Brasil   
Bregmaceros atlanticus

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Size (cm):
Locality: Brazil 
Sex/Stage: otolith 
Reference: Rossi-Wongtschowski, C.L.D.B., C.C. Siliprandi, M.R. Brenha-Nunes, S.A. Gonsales and C. & Vaz-dos-Santos, A.M. Santificetur, 2014
Atlas of marine bony fish otoliths (sagittae) of Southeastern-Southern Brazil. Part I: Gadiformes (Macrouridae, Moridae, Bregmacerotidae, Phycidae and Merlucciidae). Part I: Perciformes (Carangidae, Sciaenidae, Scombridae and Serranidae).
Remark: Otoliths from fish with total lengths: A. 2.9cm, B. 4.6cm, c. 6cm; Sagitta, left; Medial face (A1, B1 and C1); Lateral face (A2, B2 and C2); Ventral profile (A3, B3 and C3); Illustrator: Silvia de Almeida Gonsales. 
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