Species under Acanthopagrus
n= 19
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Acanthopagrus akazakii
Iwatsuki, Kimura & Yoshino, 2006
Western Pacific 18.5
Acanthopagrus arabicus
Iwatsuki, 2013
Arabian yellowfin seabream Western Indian Ocean 34.5
Acanthopagrus australis
(Günther, 1859)
Yellowfin bream Southwest Pacific 66
Acanthopagrus berda
(Forsskål, 1775)
Goldsilk seabream Indian Ocean, South Africa, Mozambique, the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, India, Phuket (Andaman Sea, specimen lost), and Malaysia (Penang Island and Langkawi Island, near Singapore) 90
Acanthopagrus bifasciatus
(Forsskål, 1775)
Twobar seabream Western Indian Ocean 36.2
Acanthopagrus butcheri
(Munro, 1949)
Black bream Indo-Pacific 60
Acanthopagrus catenula
(Lacepède, 1801)
Bridled seabream Western Indian Ocean 36.4
Acanthopagrus chinshira
Kume & Yoshino, 2008
Okinawan yellow-fin seabream Northwest Pacific 20.4
Acanthopagrus latus
(Houttuyn, 1782)
Yellowfin seabream Northwest Pacific 40
Acanthopagrus longispinnis
(Valenciennes, 1830)
Bengal yellowfin seabream Eastern Indian Ocean 20
Acanthopagrus morrisoni
Iwatsuki, 2013
Western yellowfin seabream Eastern Indian Ocean 45
Acanthopagrus omanensis
Iwatsuki & Heemstra, 2010
Black Margined Seabream Indian Ocean 14.5
Acanthopagrus pacificus
Iwatsuki, Kume & Yoshino, 2010
Pacific seabream Western Pacific 50
Acanthopagrus palmaris
(Whitley, 1935)
Northwest black bream Eastern Indian Ocean 40
Acanthopagrus randalli
Iwatsuki & Carpenter, 2009
Middle East Black Seabream Indian Ocean 32.2
Acanthopagrus sheim
Iwatsuki, 2013
Spotted yellowfin seabream Western Indian Ocean 30
Acanthopagrus sivicolus
Akazaki, 1962
Okinawa seabream Northwest Pacific 45
Acanthopagrus taiwanensis
Iwatsuki & Carpenter, 2006
Taiwan picnic seabream Northwest Pacific 18.4
Acanthopagrus vagus
(Peters, 1852)
Wandering seabream Africa 26.2
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