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Family: Platytroctidae Tubeshoulders

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39 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Barbantus curvifrons Palebelly searsid Eastern Atlantic 13.1 SL 1931
Barbantus elongatus Eastern Atlantic 17.8 SL 1970
Holtbyrnia anomala Bighead searsid Eastern Atlantic 25 SL 1980
Holtbyrnia conocephala Indo-West Pacific. 19.3 SL 1976
Holtbyrnia cyanocephala Eastern Atlantic 22.1 SL 1967
Holtbyrnia innesi Teardrop tubeshoulder Eastern Atlantic 24 SL 1934
Holtbyrnia intermedia Southeast Pacific 1976
Holtbyrnia laticauda Tusked tubeshoulder Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1976
Holtbyrnia latifrons Streaklight tubeshoulder Eastern Pacific 25 SL 1976
Holtbyrnia macrops Bigeye searsid Eastern Atlantic 20 SL 1957
Holtbyrnia ophiocephala Eastern Central Atlantic 21.7 SL 1976
Matsuichthys aequipinnis Western Central Pacific 11.9 SL 1987
Maulisia acuticeps Sharpsnout tubeshoulder Southeast Atlantic 25.5 SL 1976
Maulisia argipalla Palegold searsid Eastern Atlantic 19.5 SL 1979
Maulisia isaacsi Southeast Pacific 9.5 SL 1987
Maulisia mauli Maul's searsid Eastern Atlantic 20 SL 1960
Maulisia microlepis Smallscale searsid Eastern Atlantic 25.5 SL 1976
Mentodus bythios Indo-West Pacific. 18.1 SL 1987
Mentodus crassus Eastern Atlantic 24.5 SL 1960
Mentodus eubranchus Eastern Pacific 11.4 SL 1987
Mentodus facilis Tropical and subtropical 12.5 SL 1951
Mentodus longirostris Atlantic Ocean 20.2 SL 1976
Mentodus mesalirus Atlantic Ocean 22.2 SL 1987
Mentodus perforatus Eastern Atlantic 24.9 SL 1978
Mentodus rostratus Atlantic Ocean 32.2 SL 1878
Mirorictus taningi Striped tubeshoulder Eastern Pacific 13.7 TL 1947
Normichthys herringi Western Indian Ocean 2001
Normichthys operosus Multipore searsid Eastern Atlantic 16.4 TL 1951
Normichthys yahganorum Circumglobal in the Sub-t 16.4 SL 1965
Pectinantus parini Western Central Pacific 16.3 SL 1976
Persparsia kopua Spangled tubeshoulder Atlantic, Indian and Paci 14 TL 1942
Platytroctes apus Legless searsid Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1878
Platytroctes mirus Leaf searsid Northeast Atlantic 12 SL 1909
Sagamichthys abei Shining tubeshoulder Western Pacific 33 TL 1953
Sagamichthys gracilis Western Indian Ocean. Ex 20.3 SL 1978
Sagamichthys schnakenbecki Schnakenbeck's searsid Eastern Atlantic 27 SL 1953
Searsia koefoedi Koefoed's searsid Eastern Atlantic 15 SL 1937
Searsioides calvala Western Central Pacific 9.3 SL 1979
Searsioides multispinus Western Central Pacific 11.8 SL 1977

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