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Family: Zenarchopteridae Needlefishes

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63 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Dermogenys bispina Asia 1998
Dermogenys brachynotopterus Eastern Indian Ocean 4.5 SL 1853
Dermogenys bruneiensis Asia 2001
Dermogenys burmanica Asia 6.0 SL 1935
Dermogenys collettei Asia. 2001
Dermogenys montana Asia 7 SL 1982
Dermogenys orientalis Asia 5.5 SL 1894
Dermogenys palawanensis Asia 2001
Dermogenys pusilla Wrestling halfbeak Asia 16.1 TL 1823
Dermogenys robertsi Asia 2001
Dermogenys siamensis Asia 6 SL 1934
Dermogenys sumatrana Asia 7.5 TL 1854
Dermogenys vogti Asia 6.2 SL 1982
Hemirhamphodon byssus Asia 7.1 SL 2013
Hemirhamphodon chrysopunctatus Asia 5.5 SL 1978
Hemirhamphodon kapuasensis Asia 5 SL 1991
Hemirhamphodon kecil Asia 4.1 SL 2013
Hemirhamphodon kuekenthali Asia 7 SL 1901
Hemirhamphodon phaiosoma Asia 5.3 SL 1852
Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus Asia 10 SL 1853
Hemirhamphodon sesamum Asia 4.7 SL 2013
Hemirhamphodon tengah Asia 3.6 SL 1991
Nomorhamphus bakeri Asia 1922
Nomorhamphus brembachi Asia 6.2 SL 1978
Nomorhamphus celebensis Poso halfbeak Asia 8 SL 1922
Nomorhamphus ebrardtii Asia 9 TL 1912
Nomorhamphus hageni Asia 10 SL 1912
Nomorhamphus kolonodalensis Asia 6.8 SL 2000
Nomorhamphus lanceolatus Asia 5.4 SL 2014
Nomorhamphus liemi Asia 9 TL 1978
Nomorhamphus manifesta Asia 2001
Nomorhamphus megarrhamphus Asia 12 TL 1982
Nomorhamphus pectoralis Asia 1934
Nomorhamphus philippinus Asia 6 1972
Nomorhamphus pinnimaculata Asia 2001
Nomorhamphus ravnaki Asia 8.4 SL 1991
Nomorhamphus rex Asia 6.4 SL 2012
Nomorhamphus rossi Asia 2001
Nomorhamphus sagittarius Asia 7.3 SL 2014
Nomorhamphus sanussii Asia 7.6 SL 1991
Nomorhamphus towoetii Asia 8 SL 1972
Nomorhamphus vivipara Asia 8.5 TL 1865
Nomorhamphus weberi Asia 7.5 SL 1897
Tondanichthys kottelati Asia 6.4 SL 1995
Zenarchopterus alleni Allen's river garfish Asia 13 SL 1982
Zenarchopterus buffonis Buffon's river-garfish Indo-West Pacific 23 TL 1847
Zenarchopterus caudovittatus Long-jawed river garfish Asia and Oceania 14 SL 1907
Zenarchopterus clarus Western Central Pacific 1926
Zenarchopterus dispar Feathered river-garfish Indo-Pacific 19 TL 1847
Zenarchopterus dunckeri Duncker's river garfish Indo-West Pacific 14 SL 1926
Zenarchopterus dux Asia 15 TL 1910
Zenarchopterus ectuntio Asia 18 TL 1822
Zenarchopterus gilli Viviparous halfbeak Indo-Pacific 20 TL 1945
Zenarchopterus kampeni Sepik River halfbeak Asia and Oceania 20.7 SL 1913
Zenarchopterus novaeguineae Fly River garfish Asia and Oceania. 20 SL 1913
Zenarchopterus ornithocephala Vogelkop river garfish Asia 12.5 SL 1985
Zenarchopterus pappenheimi Bangkok halfbeak Eastern Indian Ocean and 18 TL 1926
Zenarchopterus philippinus Asia 1868
Zenarchopterus quadrimaculatus Western Central Pacific 1926
Zenarchopterus rasori Short river garfish Western Central Pacific 18 TL 1912
Zenarchopterus robertsi Robert's river garfish Oceania 13 SL 1982
Zenarchopterus striga Hooghly halfbeak Asia 1858
Zenarchopterus xiphophorus Eastern Indian Ocean 1934

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