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Family: Ipnopidae Deep-sea tripod fishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bathymicrops belyaninae Western Central Pacific. 1992
Bathymicrops brevianalis Southwest Pacific 1966
Bathymicrops multispinis Western Central Pacific. 1992
Bathymicrops regis Eastern Atlantic 11.7 SL 1912
Bathypterois andriashevi Southwest Pacific 19 SL 1988
Bathypterois atricolor Attenuated spider fish Circumglobal, excluding t 20.4 SL 1896
Bathypterois bigelowi Western Central Atlantic 13 SL 1958
Bathypterois dubius Mediterranean spiderfish Eastern Atlantic 20.5 SL 1888
Bathypterois filiferus South Atlantic 26 TL 1906
Bathypterois grallator Tripodfish Tropical to warm temperat 43.4 TL 1886
Bathypterois guentheri Tribute spiderfish Indo-West Pacific 26 SL 1889
Bathypterois insularum Western Indian Ocean 1892
Bathypterois longicauda Southwest Pacific 1878
Bathypterois longifilis Feeler fish Southwest Pacific 30 TL 1878
Bathypterois longipes Abyssal spiderfish Atlantic Ocean 24.9 SL 1878
Bathypterois oddi Southwest Pacific and Sou 1977
Bathypterois parini Eastern Indian Ocean 15.3 SL 1988
Bathypterois pectinatus Southeast Pacific 1959
Bathypterois perceptor Western Indian Ocean 16 TL 1977
Bathypterois phenax Blackfin spiderfish Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1928
Bathypterois quadrifilis Eastern Atlantic 18 SL 1878
Bathypterois ventralis Ventrad spiderfish Southeast Pacific 1899
Bathypterois viridensis Eastern Atlantic 22.2 SL 1916
Bathysauropsis gracilis Black lizardfish Circumglobal in southern 32 TL 1878
Bathysauropsis malayanus Western Central Pacific 1938
Bathytyphlops marionae Marion's spiderfish Eastern Atlantic 38 SL 1958
Bathytyphlops sewelli Eastern Atlantic 35 TL 1939
Ipnops agassizii Grideye fish Eastern Atlantic 14.5 SL 1899
Ipnops meadi Western Indian Ocean 1966
Ipnops murrayi Eastern Indian Ocean 13.2 SL 1878

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