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Family: Sternopygidae Glass knifefishes

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46 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Archolaemus blax South America 43.5 TL 1970
Archolaemus ferreirai South America 34.2 TL 2012
Archolaemus janeae South America 40.2 TL 2012
Archolaemus luciae South America 49.7 TL 2012
Archolaemus orientalis South America 2012
Archolaemus santosi South America 21.2 TL 2012
Distocyclus conirostris South America 50 TL 1942
Distocyclus guchereauae South America 33.1 TL 2014
Eigenmannia antonioi South America 20.5 TL 2015
Eigenmannia besouro South America 14.8 TL 2016
Eigenmannia desantanai South America 18.6 TL 2015
Eigenmannia goajira South America 49.6 TL 1949
Eigenmannia guairaca South America 17.3 TL 2015
Eigenmannia humboldtii South America 48.6 SL 1878
Eigenmannia limbata South America 48.5 TL 1903
Eigenmannia macrops South America 25.2 TL 1897
Eigenmannia matintapereira South America 22.0 TL 2015
Eigenmannia meeki Central America 30.9 TL 2017
Eigenmannia microstoma South America 18.7 TL 1852
Eigenmannia muirapinima South America 14.3 TL 2015
Eigenmannia nigra South America 47.6 TL 1994
Eigenmannia pavulagem South America 26.3 TL 2015
Eigenmannia trilineata South America 25 TL 1966
Eigenmannia vicentespelaea South America 20.8 TL 1996
Eigenmannia virescens Glass knifefish South America 44 SL 1836
Eigenmannia waiwai South America 22.4 TL 2015
Japigny kirschbaum South America 22 TL 2011
Rhabdolichops caviceps South America 31 TL 1968
Rhabdolichops eastwardi South America 27.6 TL 1986
Rhabdolichops electrogrammus South America 29.2 TL 1986
Rhabdolichops jegui South America 31.9 TL 2000
Rhabdolichops lundbergi South America 24.1 TL 2006
Rhabdolichops navalha South America 16.1 SL 2006
Rhabdolichops nigrimans South America 43.1 TL 2006
Rhabdolichops stewarti South America 20.7 TL 1986
Rhabdolichops troscheli South America 49 TL 1856
Rhabdolichops zareti South America 22.5 TL 1986
Sternopygus aequilabiatus Central and South America 81 SL 1805
Sternopygus arenatus South America 56 TL 1850
Sternopygus astrabes South America 23.3 TL 1994
Sternopygus branco South America 49.2 TL 2004
Sternopygus castroi South America 19.6 TL 2000
Sternopygus macrurus Longtail knifefish South America 140.5 TL 1801
Sternopygus obtusirostris South America 56 TL 1881
Sternopygus pejeraton South America 50 TL 1949
Sternopygus xingu South America 52.5 TL 1996

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