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Family: Achiridae American soles

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35 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Achirus achirus Drab sole Western Central Atlantic 37 TL 1758
Achirus declivis Plainfin sole Western Atlantic 18.7 TL 1940
Achirus klunzingeri Brown sole Eastern Central Pacific 23 TL 1880
Achirus lineatus Lined sole Western Atlantic 33.1 TL 1758
Achirus mazatlanus Mazatlan sole Eastern Pacific 22.5 TL 1869
Achirus mucuri American sole South America 9.0 SL 2009
Achirus novoae South America 10.6 1982
Achirus scutum Network sole Eastern Central Pacific 28 TL 1862
Achirus zebrinus Southeast Pacific 1936
Apionichthys dumerili Longtail sole Western Atlantic 13.1 TL 1858
Apionichthys finis South America 8.8 SL 1912
Apionichthys menezesi South America 6 SL 2003
Apionichthys nattereri South America 23.4 SL 1876
Apionichthys rosai South America 3.5 SL 2003
Apionichthys sauli South America 7.0 SL 2003
Apionichthys seripierriae South America 8.8 SL 2003
Catathyridium garmani Southwest Atlantic 17 1889
Catathyridium grandirivi South America 11.5 SL 1928
Catathyridium jenynsii South America 23.7 1862
Catathyridium lorentzii South America 5.4 1877
Gymnachirus melas North American naked sole Western Atlantic 22 TL 1916
Gymnachirus nudus Naked sole Western Atlantic 15 TL 1858
Gymnachirus texae Gulf of Mexico fringed sole Western Atlantic 14 TL 1936
Hypoclinemus mentalis South America 21.6 SL 1862
Pnictes asphyxiatus South America 9.6 SL 1889
Trinectes fimbriatus Fringed sole Eastern Central Pacific 9 TL 1862
Trinectes fluviatilis Eastern Pacific 5 1928
Trinectes fonsecensis Spottedfin sole Eastern Central Pacific 25 TL 1862
Trinectes hubbsbollinger South America 7.0 SL 2012
Trinectes inscriptus Scrawled sole Western Atlantic 15 TL 1851
Trinectes maculatus Hogchoker Western Central Atlantic 20 TL 1801
Trinectes microphthalmus Western Atlantic 9.4 TL 1928
Trinectes opercularis Spottedcheek sole Eastern Central Pacific 15 TL 1944
Trinectes paulistanus Slipper sole Western Atlantic 18.2 TL 1915
Trinectes xanthurus Eastern Central Pacific 2001

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