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Family: Trichiuridae Cutlassfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aphanopus arigato Pacific black scabbardfish Western Pacific 72 SL 1994
Aphanopus beckeri Eastern Indian Ocean 77 SL 1994
Aphanopus capricornis Western Pacific 77.8 SL 1994
Aphanopus carbo Black scabbardfish North Atlantic 151 TL 1839
Aphanopus intermedius Intermediate scabbardfish Atlantic Ocean 148 TL 1983
Aphanopus microphthalmus Smalleye scabbardfish Western Indian Ocean 100 SL 1939
Aphanopus mikhailini Mikhailin's scabbardfish Southeast Atlantic 90 TL 1983
Assurger anzac Razorback scabbardfish Atlantic Ocean 250 SL 1917
Benthodesmus elongatus Elongate frostfish Atlantic, Indian and Paci 100 TL 1879
Benthodesmus macrophthalmus Bigeye frostfish Indo-Pacific 50 SL 1970
Benthodesmus neglectus Neglected frostfish Western Central Pacific 23 SL 1976
Benthodesmus oligoradiatus Sparse-rayed frostfish Indian Ocean 51 SL 1970
Benthodesmus pacificus North-Pacific frostfish North Pacific 112 SL 1970
Benthodesmus papua Papuan frostfish Western Central Pacific 24 SL 1978
Benthodesmus simonyi Simony's frostfish North Atlantic 130 SL 1891
Benthodesmus suluensis Philippine frostfish Western Central Pacific 18 SL 1976
Benthodesmus tenuis Slender frostfish Western Atlantic 230 SL 1877
Benthodesmus tuckeri Tucker's frostfish Indo-West Pacific 77 SL 1970
Benthodesmus vityazi Vityaz' frostfish Indo-Pacific. 77 SL 1970
Demissolinea novaeguineensis New Guinean hairtail Western Central Pacific 47.5 TL 2003
Eupleurogrammus glossodon Longtooth hairtail Indo-West Pacific 70 TL 1860
Eupleurogrammus muticus Smallhead hairtail Indo-West Pacific 97.5 1831
Evoxymetopon macrophthalmus Bigeye scabbard fish Northwest Pacific 161.5 SL 2006
Evoxymetopon moricheni Indian Ocean 83 SL 2014
Evoxymetopon poeyi Poey's scabbardfish Western Indian Ocean 200 SL 1887
Evoxymetopon taeniatus Channel scabbardfish Western Atlantic 200 SL 1863
Lepidopus altifrons Crested scabbardfish Western Atlantic 66 SL 1993
Lepidopus calcar Hawaiian ridge scabbardfish Northwest Pacific 79 SL 1982
Lepidopus caudatus Silver scabbardfish Eastern Atlantic 210 TL 1788
Lepidopus dubius Doubtful scabbardfish Eastern Atlantic 43 SL 1981
Lepidopus fitchi Pacific scabbardfish Eastern Pacific 210 SL 1987
Lepidopus manis Ghost scabbardfish Southeast Pacific 69 SL 1987
Lepturacanthus pantului Coromandel hairtail Indian Ocean 92 TL 1966
Lepturacanthus roelandti Western Pacific 1860
Lepturacanthus savala Savalai hairtail Indo-West Pacific 100 SL 1829
Tentoriceps cristatus Crested hairtail Indo-West Pacific 90 TL 1884
Trichiurus auriga Pearly hairtail Western Indian Ocean 35 TL 1884
Trichiurus australis Western Pacific 67 TL 2005
Trichiurus brevis Chinese short-tailed hairtail Northwest Pacific 54.5 TL 1992
Trichiurus gangeticus Ganges hairtail Indian Ocean 50 TL 1966
Trichiurus lepturus Largehead hairtail Circumtropical and temper 234 TL 1758
Trichiurus margarites Northwest Pacific 1992
Trichiurus nanhaiensis Western Pacific. 60 OT 1992
Trichiurus nickolensis Australian short tailed hairtail Indo-West Pacific 70.2 TL 2003
Trichiurus russelli Short-tailed hairtail Indo-West Pacific 51 TL 1967

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