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Family: Tripterygiidae Triplefin blennies

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acanthanectes hystrix Southeast Atlantic 3.5 SL 1993
Acanthanectes rufus Southeast Atlantic 3.6 SL 1993
Apopterygion alta Tasselled Threefin Eastern Indian Ocean 4.5 SL 1986
Apopterygion oculus Ocellate triplefin Southwest Pacific 6.3 SL 1994
Axoclinus cocoensis Cocos triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 3.5 TL 1991
Axoclinus lucillae Panama triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 3 TL 1944
Axoclinus multicinctus Multibarred triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 3 TL 1992
Axoclinus nigricaudus Cortez triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 4.5 TL 1991
Axoclinus rubinoffi Rubinoff's triplefin Southeast Pacific 3.5 TL 1992
Axoclinus storeyae Eastern Pacific 1940
Bellapiscis lesleyae Mottled twister Southwest Pacific 6.0 SL 1987
Bellapiscis medius Twister Southwest Pacific 7.5 SL 1861
Blennodon dorsalis Giant triplefin Southwest Pacific 15.1 SL 1879
Brachynectes fasciatus Southern barred triplefin Indo-Pacific 4.1 SL 1957
Ceratobregma acanthops Spiny-eye threefin Southwest Pacific 3.9 SL 1964
Ceratobregma helenae Helen's Triplefin Pacific Ocean 3.5 SL 1987
Cremnochorites capensis Cape triplefin Western Indian Ocean and 8 TL 1908
Crocodilichthys gracilis Lizard triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 6.4 TL 1991
Cryptichthys jojettae Cryptic triplefin Southwest Pacific 6 TL 1987
Enneanectes altivelis Lofty triplefin Western Atlantic 4 TL 1960
Enneanectes atrorus Blackedge triplefin Western Atlantic 3.3 TL 1960
Enneanectes boehlkei Roughhead triplefin Western Atlantic 4 TL 1960
Enneanectes carminalis Carmine triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 3 TL 1882
Enneanectes deloachorum Two-bar triplefin Western Central Atlantic 2.2 SL 2013
Enneanectes exsul Island triplefin Eastern Pacific 3.2 SL 2013
Enneanectes flavus Yellowtail rriplefin Western Atlantiic 2.8 SL 2019
Enneanectes glendae Slender triplefin Eastern Pacific 3.1 SL 2013
Enneanectes jordani Redbelly triplefin Western Central Atlantic 4 TL 1899
Enneanectes macrops Mexican triplefin Eastern Pacific 4.3 SL 2013
Enneanectes matador Matador triplefin Western Central Atlantic 2.1 SL 2013
Enneanectes quadra Squaretail triplefin Weatern Atlantic 2.4 SL 2017
Enneanectes reticulatus Network triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 4.9 TL 1991
Enneanectes smithi Eastern Central Atlantic 3.0 SL 1981
Enneanectes wilki Windward triplefin Western Central Atlantic 1.7 SL 2013
Enneapterygius abeli Yellow triplefin Western Indian Ocean 2.5 SL 1960
Enneapterygius atriceps Hawaiian blackhead triplefin Pacific Ocean 2.6 SL 1903
Enneapterygius atrogulare Blackthroat Triplefin Western Pacific 5.3 SL 1873
Enneapterygius bahasa Blacktail threefin Western Pacific 4 TL 1997
Enneapterygius cheni Northwest Pacific 2.4 SL 1996
Enneapterygius clarkae Barred triplefin Indian Ocean 2.7 SL 1982
Enneapterygius clea Clea's threefin Western Central Pacific 3.2 SL 1997
Enneapterygius destai Western Indian Ocean 2.1 SL 1980
Enneapterygius elaine Western Indian Ocean 2.3 SL 2005
Enneapterygius elegans Hourglass triplefin Western Central Indian O 4 TL 1876
Enneapterygius etheostomus Northwest Pacific 5.9 TL 1902
Enneapterygius fasciatus Banded triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3 SL 1909
Enneapterygius flavoccipitis Yellownape tripplefin Western Central Pacific. 3.2 TL 1994
Enneapterygius fuscoventer Blackbelly triplefin Western Pacific 2.3 SL 1997
Enneapterygius genamaculatus Western Indian Ocean 2.3 SL 2005
Enneapterygius gracilis Yellow-black threefin Indo-West Pacific 2.8 SL 1994
Enneapterygius gruschkai Western Indian Ocean 2.9 SL 2005
Enneapterygius hemimelas Halfblack Triplefin Western Pacific 4.8 SL 1867
Enneapterygius hollemani Holleman's triplefin Western Indian Ocean 3.9 TL 1995
Enneapterygius howensis Lord Howe Threefin Southwest Pacific 3.5 SL 1997
Enneapterygius hsiojenae Northwest Pacific 3.0 SL 1994
Enneapterygius kermadecensis Kermadec triplefin Southwest Pacific 3.3 SL 1994
Enneapterygius kosiensis Western Indian Ocean 1.9 SL 2005
Enneapterygius larsonae Western Australian black-head triplefin Southwest Pacific 3.5 SL 1994
Enneapterygius leucopunctatus White spotted triplefin Northwest Pacific 3.6 SL 1994
Enneapterygius melanospilus Western Indian Ocean 3.1 TL 1995
Enneapterygius minutus Indo-West Pacific 3 SL 1877
Enneapterygius mirabilis Miracle triplefin Southwest Pacific 2.7 SL 1994
Enneapterygius miyakensis Izu Islands triplefin Northwest Pacific 4.5 SL 1987
Enneapterygius namarrgon Lightning-man threefin Western Central Pacific 2.7 SL 1997
Enneapterygius nanus Pygmy triplefin Pacific Ocean 3 TL 1960
Enneapterygius niger Black triplefin Western Pacific. 3.2 SL 1994
Enneapterygius nigricauda Blacktail triplefin Western Central Pacific 2.9 SL 1997
Enneapterygius niue Redbar triplefin Southwestern Pacific Ocea 2.4 SL 2017
Enneapterygius obscurus Western Indian Ocean. 2.5 SL 1980
Enneapterygius ornatus Henderson triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 2.4 SL 1997
Enneapterygius pallidoserialis Pale white-spotted triplefin Western Pacific 3 SL 1997
Enneapterygius pallidus Western Indian Ocean 3 SL 1980
Enneapterygius paucifasciatus New Caledonian striped triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.3 SL 1994
Enneapterygius philippinus Minute triplefin Indo-Pacific. 3 SL 1868
Enneapterygius pusillus Highcrest triplefin Indian Ocean 3 SL 1835
Enneapterygius pyramis Pyramid triplefin Western Pacific. 3.3 SL 1994
Enneapterygius qirmiz Western Indian Ocean 1.7 SL 2012
Enneapterygius randalli Rapa triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 3.4 SL 1997
Enneapterygius rhabdotus Umpire Triplefin Western Central Pacific. 2.7 SL 1994
Enneapterygius rhothion Surf Triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.7 SL 1997
Enneapterygius rubicauda Redtail triplefin Western Pacific 3.7 SL 1994
Enneapterygius rufopileus Redcap triplefin Southwest Pacific 4.5 SL 1904
Enneapterygius senoui Northwestern Pacific 2.7 SL 2005
Enneapterygius shaoi Northwest Pacific 2.4 SL 2008
Enneapterygius sheni Nortwest Pacific 2.3 SL 2008
Enneapterygius signicauda Flagtail triplefin Pacific Ocean 2.5 SL 1997
Enneapterygius similis Black-and-Red Triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.2 SL 1997
Enneapterygius triserialis White-spotted triplefin Southwest Pacific 4.5 SL 1994
Enneapterygius trisignatus Western Central Pacific 2001
Enneapterygius tutuilae High-hat Triplefin Indo-West Pacific 4 TL 1906
Enneapterygius unimaculatus Onespot triplefin Western Pacific 3.1 SL 1994
Enneapterygius ventermaculus Blotched triplefin Western Indian Ocean 4 TL 1982
Enneapterygius vexillarius Blacksaddle triplefin Northwest Pacific 3.3 SL 1946
Enneapterygius williamsi William's triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.3 SL 1997
Enneapterygius ziegleri Ziegler's triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3.1 SL 1994
Forsterygion capito Spotted robust triplefin Southwest Pacific 9.4 SL 1842
Forsterygion flavonigrum Yellow-and-black triplefin Southwest Pacific 5 SL 1994
Forsterygion gymnotum Tasmanian robust triplefin Southwest Pacific 7.6 SL 1977
Forsterygion lapillum Common triplefin Southwest Pacific 6.7 SL 1989
Forsterygion malcolmi Mottled triplefin Southwest Pacific 12.2 SL 1987
Forsterygion maryannae Oblique-swimming triplefin Southwest Pacific 5.9 SL 1987
Forsterygion nigripenne Estuarine triplefin Southwest Pacific 9 TL 1836
Forsterygion varium Striped triplefin Southwest Pacific 13 SL 1801
Gilloblennius abditus Obscure triplefin Southwest Pacific 6.4 SL 1986
Gilloblennius tripennis Thripenny Southwest Pacific 10.2 SL 1801
Helcogramma albimacula Whitespot triplefin Western Pacific. 4.2 TL 2003
Helcogramma alkamr Western Indian Ocean 3.2 SL 2007
Helcogramma aquila Darktail triplefin Western Central Pacific 4.1 SL 1990
Helcogramma ascensionis Ascension triplefin Southeast Atlantic 3.5 SL 1980
Helcogramma atauroensis Red-anal triplefin Western Pacific 3.2 SL 2017
Helcogramma billi Western Indian Ocean 3.2 SL 1986
Helcogramma capidata Hooded triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.7 SL 1960
Helcogramma cerasina Western Central Pacific 4.3 SL 2003
Helcogramma chica Little hooded triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3.1 SL 1960
Helcogramma decurrens Black-throated triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 4.5 SL 1918
Helcogramma desa Neglected triplefin Western Pacific 5.5 TL 2003
Helcogramma ellioti Indo-Pacific 5.7 SL 1944
Helcogramma ememes Western Indian Ocean 3.9 SL 2007
Helcogramma fuscipectoris Fourspot triplefin Western Pacific 3.2 SL 1946
Helcogramma fuscopinna Blackfin triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3.8 SL 1982
Helcogramma gymnauchen Red-finned triplefin Western Pacific 4 TL 1909
Helcogramma hudsoni Hudson's triplefin Western Pacific 4.0 SL 1906
Helcogramma inclinata Triangle triplefin Western Pacific 4.6 SL 1946
Helcogramma kranos Helmet triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.1 SL 1997
Helcogramma lacuna Cavern triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 4.4 TL 2003
Helcogramma larvata Western Indian Ocean 2.2 SL 1992
Helcogramma maldivensis Western Indian Ocean 2.8 SL 1992
Helcogramma microstigma Western Indian Ocean 3.1 SL 2006
Helcogramma nesion Northwest Pacific 2003
Helcogramma nigra Rotuma triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.8 TL 2003
Helcogramma novaecaledoniae New Caledonian triplefin Western Central Pacific 4.2 SL 1994
Helcogramma obtusirostris Hotlips triplefin Indo-West Pacific 3.8 SL 1871
Helcogramma randalli Randall's triplefin Western Pacific 4.7 TL 2003
Helcogramma rharhabe Western Indian and Southe 3.7 SL 2007
Helcogramma rhinoceros Rhinocerus triplefin Western Pacific 4 TL 1986
Helcogramma rosea Rosy triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 3.3 SL 2006
Helcogramma serendip Eastern Indian Ocean 2.5 SL 2007
Helcogramma shinglensis Eastern Indian Ocean 3.7 TL 1971
Helcogramma solorensis Solor triplefin Western Central Pacific 3.9 SL 1997
Helcogramma springeri Springer's triplefin Western Pacific 3.4 SL 1986
Helcogramma steinitzi Red triplefin Western Indian Ocean 6 SL 1980
Helcogramma striata Tropical striped triplefin Western Pacific 4.3 SL 1986
Helcogramma trigloides Scarf triplefin Western Pacific 4.5 SL 1858
Helcogramma vulcana Volcano triplefin Western Pacific 3.8 SL 1993
Helcogramma williamsi Western Pacific 2.9 SL 2012
Helcogrammoides antarcticus Southern Ocean 5.9 TL 1982
Helcogrammoides chilensis Southeast Pacific 11.3 TL 1960
Helcogrammoides cunninghami Cunningham's triplefin Southeast Pacific and Sou 6.2 TL 1898
Karalepis stewarti Scaly-headed triplefin Southwest Pacific 15 TL 1984
Lepidoblennius haplodactylus Eastern jumping blenny Southwest Pacific 10.7 SL 1867
Lepidoblennius marmoratus Western jumping blenny Eastern Indian Ocean 11.5 SL 1878
Lepidonectes bimaculatus Twinspot triplefin Southeast Pacific 6.8 SL 1992
Lepidonectes clarkhubbsi Signal triplefin Eastern Central Pacific 6.5 SL 1991
Lepidonectes corallicola Galapagos triplefin blenny Southeast Pacific 8.9 SL 1912
Matanui bathytaton Chatham deep-water triplefin Southwest Pacific 9.4 SL 1989
Matanui profundum Deepwater triplefin Southwest Pacific 9.4 SL 1994
Norfolkia brachylepis Tropical scaly-headed triplefin Indo-West Pacific 7.3 TL 1960
Norfolkia leeuwin Leeuwin threefin Eastern Indian Ocean 3.9 SL 1994
Norfolkia squamiceps Scalyhead Triplefin Southwest Pacific 6.6 SL 1916
Norfolkia thomasi Thomas' triplefin Western Pacific 5 SL 1964
Notoclinops caerulepunctus Blue-dot triplefin Southwest Pacific 3.6 SL 1989
Notoclinops segmentatus Blue-eyed triplefin Southwest Pacific 4.4 SL 1923
Notoclinops yaldwyni Yaldwyn's triplefin Southwest Pacific 5.2 SL 1987
Notoclinus compressus Brown topknot Southwest Pacific 8.5 SL 1872
Notoclinus fenestratus New Zealand topknot Southwest Pacific 18.2 SL 1801
Ruanoho decemdigitatus Longfinned triplefin Southwest Pacific 12 TL 1879
Ruanoho whero Spectacled triplefin Southwest Pacific 9 TL 1986
Springerichthys bapturus Japanese blacktail triplefin Northwest Pacific 6.5 SL 1902
Springerichthys kulbickii Kulbicki's triplefin Southwest Pacific 3.5 SL 1994
Trianectes bucephalus Bullhead triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 7 SL 1918
Trinorfolkia clarkei Clarke's triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 8 TL 1888
Trinorfolkia cristata Crested threefin Eastern Indian Ocean 5.2 SL 1986
Trinorfolkia incisa Notched triplefin Eastern Indian Ocean 3.6 SL 1986
Tripterygion delaisi Black-faced blenny Eastern Atlantic and Medi 8.9 TL 1970
Tripterygion melanurum Mediterranean Sea 5.3 TL 1850
Tripterygion tartessicum Mediterranean and Eastern 7.7 TL 2007
Tripterygion tripteronotum Mediterranean Sea and Bla 8 TL 1810
Ucla xenogrammus Largemouth triplefin Pacific Ocean 4.7 SL 1993

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