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Family: Dactyloscopidae Sand stargazers

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Dactylagnus mundus Giant sand stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 15 SL 1863
Dactylagnus parvus Panamic stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 3.2 SL 1976
Dactylagnus peratikos Western Central Atlantic 6.6 SL 1961
Dactyloscopus amnis Riverine stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 1962
Dactyloscopus boehlkei Western Central Atlantic 5.5 SL 1982
Dactyloscopus byersi Notchtail stargazer Eastern Pacific Ocean fro 5 NG 1969
Dactyloscopus comptus Western Central Atlantic 3.9 SL 1982
Dactyloscopus crossotus Bigeye stargazer Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1913
Dactyloscopus elongatus Eastern Pacific Ocean 1946
Dactyloscopus fallax Eastern Pacific Ocean fro 1975
Dactyloscopus fimbriatus Eastern Pacific Ocean fro 7.6 SL 1935
Dactyloscopus foraminosus Reticulate stargazer Western Atlantic 7.9 NG 1982
Dactyloscopus heraldi Eastern Pacific Ocean 1975
Dactyloscopus insulatus Eastern Pacific Ocean 1975
Dactyloscopus lacteus Milky sand stargazer Southeast Pacific 5 SL 1946
Dactyloscopus lunaticus Moonstruck stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 1890
Dactyloscopus metoecus Mexican stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 2.8 SL 1975
Dactyloscopus minutus Tiny stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 1975
Dactyloscopus moorei Speckled stargazer Western Central Atlantic 8 TL 1906
Dactyloscopus pectoralis Whitesaddle stargazer Eastern Pacific Ocean 5.2 TL 1861
Dactyloscopus poeyi Shortchin stargazer Western Central Atlantic 6.7 SL 1861
Dactyloscopus tridigitatus Sand stargazer Western Atlantic 9 TL 1859
Dactyloscopus zelotes Known from the type local 7.2 SL 1896
Gillellus arenicola Sandy stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 5.5 TL 1890
Gillellus chathamensis Cocos stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 3.8 TL 1977
Gillellus greyae Arrow stargazer Western Atlantic 9 TL 1952
Gillellus healae Masked stargazer Western Atlantic 7.5 TL 1982
Gillellus inescatus Western Central Atlantic 2002
Gillellus jacksoni Western Central Atlantic 2.5 SL 1982
Gillellus ornatus Ornate stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 5 NG 1892
Gillellus searcheri Searcher stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 3.5 TL 1977
Gillellus semicinctus Half-banded stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 5.2 TL 1890
Gillellus uranidea Warteye stargazer Western Atlantic 5 TL 1968
Heteristius cinctus Eastern Central Pacific 4.5 TL 1916
Leurochilus acon Smoothlip stargazer Western Central Atlantic 2.9 SL 1968
Myxodagnus belone Dartfish Western Central Atlantic 8.2 SL 1968
Myxodagnus macrognathus Southeast Pacific 6.0 SL 1946
Myxodagnus opercularis Dart stargazer North America 1861
Myxodagnus sagitta Southeast Pacific 6.1 SL 1946
Myxodagnus walkeri Eastern Central Pacific 5.5 SL 1976
Platygillellus altivelis Sailfin stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 4.4 TL 1974
Platygillellus brasiliensis Brazilian sand stargazer Southwest Atlantic 4.1 SL 2002
Platygillellus bussingi Bussing's stargazer Eastern Central Pacific 5 TL 1974
Platygillellus rubellulus Shortfin sand stargazer Eastern Pacific 6.2 SL 1912
Platygillellus rubrocinctus Saddle stargazer Western Atlantic 6.4 TL 1934
Platygillellus smithi Western Central Atlantic 3.4 SL 1982
Sindoscopus australis Southeast Pacific 1923
Storrsia olsoni Southwest Atlantic 3.0 SL 1982

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