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Family: Kyphosidae Sea chubs

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54 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Atypichthys latus Eastern footballer Southwest Pacific 30 SL 1916
Atypichthys strigatus Australian mado Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1860
Bathystethus cultratus Grey knifefish Southwest Pacific. 30 TL 1801
Bathystethus orientale Silver knifefish Eastern Pacific 21 SL 1913
Girella albostriata Southeast Pacific 1898
Girella cyanea Blue drummer Southwest Pacific 20 SL 1881
Girella elevata Black drummer Southwest Pacific 62 TL 1881
Girella feliciana Southeast Pacific 1938
Girella fimbriata Caramel drummer Southwest Pacific 36 TL 1920
Girella freminvillii Southeast Pacific 45 TL 1846
Girella laevifrons Southeast Pacific 38.3 TL 1846
Girella leonina Western Central Pacific 46 SL 1846
Girella mezina Western Pacific 45 TL 1907
Girella nebulosa Rapanui nibbler Southeast Pacific 30 NG 1912
Girella nigricans Opaleye Eastern Central Pacific 66 TL 1860
Girella punctata Northwest Pacific 50 TL 1835
Girella simplicidens Gulf opal eye Eastern Central Pacific 46 TL 1916
Girella stuebeli Eastern Central Atlantic 24 TL 1866
Girella tephraeops Rock blackfish Eastern Indian Ocean 61 TL 1846
Girella tricuspidata Parore Western Pacific 71 FL 1824
Girella zebra Zebra fish Indo-Pacific 34 TL 1846
Girella zonata Eastern Atlantic 21 TL 1859
Graus nigra Southeast Pacific 64.6 TL 1887
Kyphosus analogus Blue-bronze sea chub Eastern Pacific 45 TL 1862
Kyphosus atlanticus Atlantic Ocean 35.4 SL 2014
Kyphosus azureus Zebra-perch sea chub Eastern Central Pacific 45 TL 1889
Kyphosus bigibbus Brown chub Indo-Pacific 75 TL 1801
Kyphosus bosquii Atlantic Ocean 1802
Kyphosus cinerascens Blue sea chub Indo-Pacific 50.7 FL 1775
Kyphosus cornelii Western buffalo bream Eastern Indian Ocean 70 TL 1944
Kyphosus elegans Cortez sea chub Eastern Pacific 53 TL 1869
Kyphosus gladius Gladius sea chub Eastern Indian Ocean 45.7 SL 2013
Kyphosus hawaiiensis Hawaiian chub Central Pacific 41 TL 2004
Kyphosus incisor Yellow sea chub Western Atlantic 90 SL 1831
Kyphosus lutescens Revillagigedo sea chub Eastern Central Pacific. 1882
Kyphosus ocyurus Bluestriped chub Eastern Pacific 59 TL 1882
Kyphosus pacificus Pacific drummer Western Central Pacific. 75 TL 2004
Kyphosus sandwicensis Pacific chub Pacific 75 NG 1880
Kyphosus sectatrix Bermuda sea chub Western Atlantic 76 TL 1758
Kyphosus sydneyanus Silver drummer Southwest Pacific 80 TL 1886
Kyphosus vaigiensis Brassy chub Indo-Pacific 70 TL 1825
Labracoglossa argenteiventris Northwest Pacific 20 TL 1866
Labracoglossa nitida Blue knifefish Southwest Pacific. 20 TL 1916
Medialuna ancietae Southeast Pacific 1987
Medialuna californiensis Halfmoon Eastern Pacific 48 TL 1876
Microcanthus strigatus Stripey Western Pacific 16 TL 1831
Neatypus obliquus Western footballer Eastern Indian Ocean 22 TL 1905
Neoscorpis lithophilus Stone-bream Western Indian Ocean 50 SL 1908
Scorpis aequipinnis Sea sweep Eastern Indian Ocean 40 TL 1848
Scorpis chilensis Southeast Pacific 1848
Scorpis georgiana Banded sweep Eastern Indian Ocean 33 TL 1832
Scorpis lineolata Silver sweep Southwest Pacific 30 TL 1865
Scorpis violacea Blue maomao Southwest Pacific 40 FL 1873
Tilodon sexfasciatus Moonlighter Eastern Indian Ocean 40 TL 1842

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