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Family: Gerreidae Mojarras

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Deckertichthys aureolus Golden mojarra Eastern Pacific 15 SL 1882
Diapterus auratus Irish mojarra Western Atlantic 34 TL 1842
Diapterus brevirostris Eastern Pacific, tropical 38 TL 1879
Diapterus peruvianus Peruvian mojarra Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1830
Diapterus rhombeus Caitipa mojarra Western Atlantic 40 TL 1829
Eucinostomus argenteus Silver mojarra Eastern Pacific 21 TL 1855
Eucinostomus currani Pacific flagfin mojarra Eastern Pacific 21 TL 1980
Eucinostomus dowii Dow's mojarra Southeast Pacific 20 TL 1863
Eucinostomus entomelas Dark-spot mojarra Eastern Pacific 18 SL 1980
Eucinostomus gracilis Graceful mojarra Eastern Pacific 21 TL 1862
Eucinostomus gula Jenny mojarra Western Atlantic 25.5 TL 1824
Eucinostomus harengulus Tidewater mojarra Western Central Atlantic 15 NG 1879
Eucinostomus havana Bigeye mojarra Western Atlantic 18 TL 1912
Eucinostomus jonesii Slender mojarra Western Atlantic 20 TL 1879
Eucinostomus melanopterus Flagfin mojarra Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1863
Eugerres axillaris Black axillary mojarra Eastern Central Pacific 19 SL 1864
Eugerres brasilianus Brazilian mojarra Western Central Atlantic 50 FL 1830
Eugerres brevimanus Short fin mojarra Eastern Central Pacific 28 SL 1864
Eugerres lineatus Streaked mojarra Eastern Pacific 18 SL 1821
Eugerres mexicanus Central America 24.2 SL 1863
Eugerres plumieri Striped mojarra Western Atlantic 40 TL 1830
Gerres akazakii Japanese tenspined silver-biddy Northwest Pacific 16.9 SL 2007
Gerres baconensis Scaly snouted silver-biddy Western Pacific 17.8 TL 1907
Gerres chrysops Gold sheen silver-biddy Western Pacific 8.3 SL 1999
Gerres cinereus Yellow fin mojarra Western Atlantic 41 TL 1792
Gerres decacanthus Small Chinese silver-biddy Asia 9.1 SL 1864
Gerres equulus Northwest Pacific 22.4 SL 1844
Gerres erythrourus Deep-bodied mojarra Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1791
Gerres filamentosus Whipfin silver-biddy Indo-Pacific 39 TL 1829
Gerres infasciatus Nonbanded whipfin mojarra Indo-West Pacific 15.3 SL 1998
Gerres japonicus Japanese silver-biddy Western Pacific 20 SL 1854
Gerres limbatus Saddleback silver-biddy Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1830
Gerres longirostris Strongspine silver-biddy Indo-Pacific 44.5 TL 1801
Gerres macracanthus Longspine silverbiddy Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1854
Gerres maldivensis Western Indian Ocean 6.5 SL 1902
Gerres methueni Striped silver biddy Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1920
Gerres microphthalmus Small-eyed whipfin mojarra Northwest Pacific 12 SL 2002
Gerres mozambiquensis Africa 2007
Gerres nigri Guinean striped mojarra Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1859
Gerres oblongus Slender silver-biddy Indo-Pacific 30 SL 1830
Gerres oyena Common silver-biddy Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1775
Gerres phaiya Strong spined silver-biddy Western Indian Ocean 13.7 SL 2001
Gerres ryukyuensis Ryukyu banded silver-biddy Northwest Pacific 14.4 SL 2007
Gerres septemfasciatus Seven-banded silver biddy Northwest Pacific 9.3 SL 2009
Gerres setifer Small Bengal silver-biddy Indian Ocean 15 SL 1822
Gerres shima Banded silver-biddy Indo-Pacific 11.8 SL 2007
Gerres silaceus Malayan silver-biddy Western Pacific 10.7 SL 2001
Gerres simillimus Eastern Pacific 41 TL 1907
Gerres subfasciatus Common silver belly Indo-West Pacific 20 TL 1830
Parequula elongata Western silverbelly Eastern Indian Ocean 8.1 SL 2012
Parequula melbournensis Silverbelly Eastern Indian Ocean 22 TL 1872
Pentaprion longimanus Longfin mojarra Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1849
Ulaema lefroyi Mottled mojarra Western Atlantic 23 TL 1874

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