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Family: Sillaginidae Smelt-whitings

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34 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Sillaginodes punctatus King George whiting Indo-West Pacific 72 TL 1829
Sillaginopodys chondropus Clubfoot sillago Indo-Pacific 35 SL 1849
Sillaginops macrolepis Large-scale sillago Western Central Pacific 20 SL 1858
Sillaginopsis panijus Flathead sillago Western Indian Ocean 44 TL 1822
Sillago aeolus Oriental sillago Indo-Pacific 30 SL 1902
Sillago analis Golden-lined sillago Western Central Pacific 45 SL 1943
Sillago arabica Arabian sillago Western Indian Ocean 22 TL 1989
Sillago argentifasciata Silver-banded sillago Western Central Pacific 1935
Sillago asiatica Asian sillago Western Pacific 15 SL 1982
Sillago attenuata Slender sillago Western Indian Ocean 20 SL 1985
Sillago bassensis Southern school whiting Eastern Indian Ocean 33 SL 1829
Sillago boutani Boutan's sillago Northwest Pacific 20 SL 1905
Sillago burrus Western trumpeter sillago Western Central Pacific 36 SL 1842
Sillago caudicula Western Indian Ocean 14.9 SL 2010
Sillago ciliata Sand sillago Western Pacific 51 TL 1829
Sillago flindersi Eastern school whiting Western Pacific 32 TL 1985
Sillago indica Indian sillago Indian Ocean 34 TL 1985
Sillago ingenuua Bay sillago Indo-West Pacific 20 SL 1985
Sillago intermedius Intermediate sillago Eastern Indian Ocean 20 SL 1977
Sillago japonica Japanese sillago Northwest Pacific 30 TL 1843
Sillago lutea Mud sillago Indo-West Pacific 16 SL 1985
Sillago maculata Trumpeter whiting Western Pacific 30 TL 1824
Sillago megacephalus Large-headed sillago Northwest Pacific 15.8 SL 1933
Sillago microps Small-eyed sillago Northwest Pacific 20 SL 1985
Sillago nierstraszi Rough sillago Western Central Pacific 25 TL 1941
Sillago parvisquamis Small-scale sillago Northwest Pacific 30 SL 1861
Sillago robusta Stout whiting Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1908
Sillago schomburgkii Yellowfin whiting Eastern Indian Ocean 42 TL 1864
Sillago sihama Silver sillago Indo-West Pacific 31 SL 1775
Sillago sinica Asia 15.7 SL 2011
Sillago soringa Soringa sillago Eastern Indian Ocean 15 SL 1982
Sillago suezensis Western Indian Ocean 18.5 SL 2013
Sillago vincenti Vincent's sillago Indian Ocean 30 SL 1980
Sillago vittata Western school whiting Eastern Indian Ocean 30 SL 1985

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