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Family: Terapontidae Grunters or tigerperches

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59 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Amniataba affinis Tiger grunter Oceania 15 SL 1977
Amniataba caudavittata Yellowtail trumpeter Western Central Pacific 30 TL 1845
Amniataba percoides Barred grunter Oceania 18 SL 1864
Bidyanus bidyanus Silver perch Oceania 40 SL 1838
Bidyanus welchi Welch's grunter Oceania 40 SL 1917
Hannia greenwayi Greenway's grunter Oceania 14 SL 1978
Helotes sexlineatus Eastern striped grunter Western Pacific 15 TL 1825
Hephaestus adamsoni Adamson's grunter Oceania 40 SL 1940
Hephaestus carbo Coal grunter Oceania 33 TL 1916
Hephaestus epirrhinos Longnose sooty grunter Oceania 42 SL 1978
Hephaestus fuliginosus Sooty grunter Oceania 54 FL 1883
Hephaestus habbemai Mountain grunter Asia and Oceania 15 SL 1910
Hephaestus jenkinsi Western sooty grunter Oceania 40 SL 1945
Hephaestus komaensis Oceania 14.3 SL 1993
Hephaestus lineatus Lined grunter Asia 20 SL 1984
Hephaestus obtusifrons Asia and Oceania 12.5 SL 1977
Hephaestus raymondi Raymond's grunter Oceania 25 SL 1977
Hephaestus roemeri Röemer's grunter Asia 30 SL 1910
Hephaestus transmontanus Sepik grunter Oceania 12.5 SL 1977
Hephaestus trimaculatus Threespot grunter Oceania 22 SL 1883
Hephaestus tulliensis Oceania 30 SL 1884
Lagusia micracanthus Asia 11.5 SL 1860
Leiopotherapon aheneus Fortescus grunter Oceania 13 SL 1963
Leiopotherapon macrolepis Kimberley spangled perch Oceania 15 SL 1978
Leiopotherapon plumbeus Asia 15.9 TL 1864
Leiopotherapon unicolor Spangled perch Oceania 31 SL 1859
Mesopristes argenteus Silver grunter Western Pacific 30 SL 1829
Mesopristes cancellatus Tapiroid grunter Western Pacific 23 SL 1829
Mesopristes elongatus Plain terapon Africa 16 SL 1866
Mesopristes iravi Asia 22.3 SL 2002
Mesopristes kneri Orange-spotted therapon Oceania 1876
Pelates octolineatus Western striped grunter Eastern Indian Ocean 28 TL 1840
Pelates qinglanensis Northwest Pacific 1991
Pelates quadrilineatus Fourlined terapon Indo-West Pacific 30 TL 1790
Pelsartia humeralis Sea trumpeter Eastern Indian Ocean 38 TL 1899
Pingalla gilberti Gilbert's grunter Oceania 10.5 SL 1955
Pingalla lorentzi Lorentz's grunter Asia and Oceania 20 SL 1910
Pingalla midgleyi Midgley's grunter Oceania 15 SL 1984
Rhynchopelates oxyrhynchus Western Pacific 25 SL 1842
Scortum barcoo Barcoo grunter Oceania 35 SL 1917
Scortum hillii Leathery grunter Oceania 35 SL 1878
Scortum neili Neil's grunter Oceania 24 SL 1993
Scortum parviceps Smallhead grunter Oceania 38 SL 1883
Syncomistes bonapartensis Oceania 28 SL 2017
Syncomistes butleri Sharpnose grunter Oceania 28 SL 1978
Syncomistes carcharus Sharp-toothed grunter Oceania 17.6 SL 2017
Syncomistes dilliensis Dillie grunter Oceania 13.2 SL 2017
Syncomistes holsworthi Oceania 26 SL 2017
Syncomistes kimberleyensis Kimberley grunter Oceania 20 SL 1978
Syncomistes moranensis Oceania 25 SL 2017
Syncomistes rastellus Drysdale grunter Oceania 15 SL 1978
Syncomistes trigonicus Longnose grunter Oceania 17 SL 1978
Syncomistes versicolor Oceania 25 SL 2017
Syncomistes wunambal Oceania 12 SL 2017
Terapon jarbua Jarbua terapon Indo-Pacific 36 TL 1775
Terapon puta Small-scaled terapon Indo-West Pacific 16 TL 1829
Terapon theraps Largescaled terapon Indo-West Pacific 30 SL 1829
Variichthys jamoerensis Jamur Lake grunter Asia 8.5 SL 1971
Variichthys lacustris Lake grunter Oceania 17 SL 1977

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