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Family: Pseudochromidae Dottybacks

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152 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Amsichthys knighti Bugeye dottyback Western Pacific 4.5 TL 1987
Anisochromis kenyae Annie Western Indian Ocean 3.1 TL 1954
Anisochromis mascarenensis Western Indian Ocean. 2.5 SL 2001
Anisochromis straussi Western Indian Ocean 2.8 SL 1977
Assiculoides desmonotus Bondfin dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean 1997
Assiculus punctatus Indo-Pacific 8 TL 1846
Blennodesmus scapularis Ocellate eel blenny Western Central Pacific 8.9 SL 1872
Chlidichthys abruptus St Brandon's dottyback Western Indian Ocean 4.7 SL 1977
Chlidichthys auratus Golden dottyback Western Indian Ocean 3.9 SL 1975
Chlidichthys bibulus Nosey dottyback Western Indian Ocean 6.1 TL 1954
Chlidichthys cacatuoides Cockatoo dottyback Western Indian Ocean 3.8 SL 1994
Chlidichthys chagosensis Chagos dottyback Western Indian Ocean 3.1 SL 2004
Chlidichthys clibanarius Chainmail dottyback Western Indian Ocean 4.2 SL 2004
Chlidichthys foudioides Fody dottyback Western Indian Ocean 4 SL 2004
Chlidichthys inornatus Western Indian Ocean 3.9 SL 1976
Chlidichthys johnvoelckeri Cerise dottyback Western Indian Ocean 6 TL 1953
Chlidichthys pembae Western Indian Ocean 5 TL 1954
Chlidichthys randalli Western Indian Ocean 3.5 SL 1977
Chlidichthys rubiceps Western Indian Ocean 1975
Chlidichthys smithae Western Indian Ocean 3.4 SL 1977
Congrogadus amplimaculatus Largespot eel blenny Western Pacific 12.9 SL 1980
Congrogadus hierichthys Sulu eelblenny Western Pacific 16 SL 1908
Congrogadus malayanus Malayan eel blenny Western Pacific 7.1 SL 1909
Congrogadus spinifer Spiny eel blenny Eastern Indian Ocean 13 TL 1933
Congrogadus subducens Carpet eel-blenny Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1843
Congrogadus winterbottomi Pilbara eelblenny Eastern Indian Ocean 11.9 SL 2000
Cypho purpurascens Oblique-lined dottyback Western Pacific 7.5 TL 1884
Cypho zaps Checkered dottyback Western Pacific 5.1 SL 2004
Halidesmus coccus Rooster snakelet Western Indian Ocean 8.9 TL 1994
Halidesmus polytretus Western Indian Ocean 5.7 SL 1982
Halidesmus scapularis Snakelet Southeast Atlantic 20 TL 1872
Halidesmus socotraensis Socotran snakelet Western Indian Ocean 7.0 SL 2003
Halidesmus thomaseni Thomasen's snakelet Indian Ocean 13.2 SL 1961
Halimuraena hexagonata Western Indian Ocean 6 SL 1952
Halimuraena lepopareia Western Indian Ocean 7.4 SL 1980
Halimuraena shakai Zulu snakelet Western Indian Ocean 6 TL 1978
Halimuraenoides isostigma Western Indian Ocean 11.7 SL 1985
Haliophis aethiopus Bali eelblenny Western Pacific 5 SL 1985
Haliophis diademus Stars-and-stripes snakelet Western Indian Ocean 10 TL 1994
Haliophis guttatus African eel blenny Western Indian Ocean 15.5 TL 1775
Labracinus atrofasciatus Blackbarred dottyback Western Central Pacific 16.7 TL 1933
Labracinus cyclophthalmus Fire-tail devil Western Pacific 23.5 TL 1849
Labracinus lineatus Lined dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean 25 TL 1875
Lubbockichthys multisquamatus Fine-scaled dottyback Indo-Pacific 7.5 TL 1987
Lubbockichthys myersi Western Pacific 3.9 SL 2006
Lubbockichthys tanakai Tanaka's dottyback Northwest Pacific 5.3 TL 2002
Manonichthys alleni Sabah dottyback Western Pacific 5.1 SL 2004
Manonichthys jamali Jamal's dottyback Western Pacific 10 TL 2007
Manonichthys paranox Midnight dottyback Western Pacific 8.6 TL 1976
Manonichthys polynemus Longfin dottyback Western Pacific 12 TL 1931
Manonichthys scintilla Sparkfin Dottyback Indo-Pacific 3.2 SL 2011
Manonichthys splendens Splendid dottyback Eastern Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1931
Manonichthys winterbottomi False midnight dottyback Western Pacific 7 SL 2004
Natalichthys leptus Pencil snakelet Western Indian Ocean 7 TL 1980
Natalichthys ori Natal snakelet Western Indian Ocean 7 TL 1980
Natalichthys sam Nail snakelet Western Indian Ocean 5 TL 1980
Ogilbyina novaehollandiae Multicolour dottyback Western Central Pacific 10 TL 1879
Ogilbyina queenslandiae Queensland dottyback Western Central Pacific 15 TL 1893
Ogilbyina salvati Western Central Pacific 5.9 SL 1966
Oxycercichthys veliferus Sailfin dottyback Western Central Pacific 12 TL 1980
Pectinochromis lubbocki Western Indian Ocean 3.4 SL 1983
Pholidochromis cerasina Cherry dottyback Western Pacific 4.4 SL 2004
Pholidochromis marginatus Margined dottyback Western Central Pacific 4.9 SL 1980
Pictichromis aurifrons Gold-browed dottyback Western Central Pacific 6.5 SL 1980
Pictichromis caitlinae Cenderawasih dottyback Western Pacific 4.3 SL 2008
Pictichromis coralensis Bicoloured dottyback Southwest Pacific 5.2 SL 2004
Pictichromis diadema Diadem dottyback Western Central Pacific 6.2 TL 1978
Pictichromis dinar Dottyback Western Pacific 4.2 SL 2009
Pictichromis ephippiata Saddled dottyback Western Pacific 4.0 SL 1996
Pictichromis paccagnellae Royal dottyback Western Pacific 7 TL 1973
Pictichromis porphyrea Magenta dottyback Western Pacific 6 TL 1974
Pseudochromis aldabraensis Orange dottyback Indian Ocean 10 TL 1958
Pseudochromis alticaudex Spotbreast dottyback Western Pacific 4.6 SL 2004
Pseudochromis ammeri Raja Ampat Dottyback Pacific Ocean 6.0 SL 2012
Pseudochromis andamanensis Andaman dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean 7 TL 1980
Pseudochromis aureolineatus Gold-lined dottyback Western Indian Ocean 7.1 SL 2004
Pseudochromis aurulentus Yellowlip dottyback Western Central Pacific. 6.8 TL 1998
Pseudochromis bitaeniatus Double-striped dottyback Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1931
Pseudochromis caudalis Stripe-tailed dottyback Indian Ocean 11 TL 1898
Pseudochromis chrysospilus Gold-spotted dottyback Indian Ocean 5.6 SL 2011
Pseudochromis coccinicauda Yellow-breasted dottyback Western Indian Ocean 3.9 SL 1888
Pseudochromis colei False Bandit Dottyback Western Pacific 4.1 SL 1933
Pseudochromis cometes Commet dottyback Western Central Pacific. 2.2 TL 1998
Pseudochromis cyanotaenia Surge dottyback Western Pacific 6.2 TL 1857
Pseudochromis dilectus Western Indian Ocean 1976
Pseudochromis dixurus Forktail dottyback Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1975
Pseudochromis dutoiti Dutoiti Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1955
Pseudochromis eichleri Eichler’s Dottyback Pacific Ocean 6.8 SL 2012
Pseudochromis elongatus Elongate dottyback Western Pacific 6.5 SL 1980
Pseudochromis erdmanni Erdmann’s Dottyback Pacific Ocean 8.2 SL 2011
Pseudochromis flammicauda Orangetail dottyback Western Pacific 5.5 TL 1976
Pseudochromis flavivertex Sunrise dottyback Western Indian Ocean 7.2 TL 1835
Pseudochromis flavopunctatus Yellow-spotted dottyback Western Central Pacific. 6.8 TL 1998
Pseudochromis fowleri Philippines dottyback Western Central Pacific. 5.3 TL 1934
Pseudochromis fridmani Orchid dottyback Western Indian Ocean 6.3 TL 1968
Pseudochromis fuligifinis Soot-tail Dottyback Indo-Pacific. Philippines 3.2 SL 2011
Pseudochromis fuscus Brown dottyback Indo-Pacific 10 TL 1849
Pseudochromis howsoni Howson's dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean 10 TL 1995
Pseudochromis jace Zippered dottyback Western Pacific 6.3 SL 2008
Pseudochromis jamesi Spot-tailed dottyback Pacific Ocean 5.5 TL 1943
Pseudochromis kolythrus Western Pacific 3.8 SL 1993
Pseudochromis kristinae Lipstick dottyback Western Indian Ocean 7.0 SL 2004
Pseudochromis leucorhynchus White-nosed dottyback Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1977
Pseudochromis linda Yellowtail dottyback Western Indian Ocean 8.1 TL 1989
Pseudochromis litus Plain dottyback Western Central Pacific. 6.3 TL 1998
Pseudochromis lugubris Mournful dottyback Western Pacific 8.2 TL 2004
Pseudochromis luteus Western Pacific 4.7 SL 1943
Pseudochromis madagascariensis Madagascan dottyback Western Indian Ocean 5.2 SL 2004
Pseudochromis magnificus Magnificent dottyback Western Indian Ocean 1977
Pseudochromis marshallensis Marshall Is. dottyback Western Pacific 8 TL 1953
Pseudochromis matahari Sunburst Dottyback Indonesia 4.5 SL 2009
Pseudochromis melanurus Blacktail dottyback Western Pacific 4.0 SL 2004
Pseudochromis melas Dark dottyback Western Indian Ocean 8 SL 1977
Pseudochromis mooii Mooi's dottyback Western Pacific 4.9 SL 2004
Pseudochromis moorei Jaguar dottyback Western Central Pacific 12 SL 1931
Pseudochromis natalensis Natal dottyback Western Indian Ocean 9 SL 1916
Pseudochromis nigrovittatus Blackstripe dottyback Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1897
Pseudochromis oligochrysus Gold-ring Dottyback Pacific Ocean 5.0 SL 2012
Pseudochromis olivaceus Olive dottyback Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1835
Pseudochromis omanensis Western Indian Ocean 12 SL 1993
Pseudochromis persicus Bluespotted dottyback Western Indian Ocean 15.4 TL 1887
Pseudochromis perspicillatus Southeast Asian blackstripe dottyback Western Pacific Ocean 12 TL 1862
Pseudochromis pesi Pale dottyback Western Indian Ocean 10 TL 1975
Pseudochromis pictus Painted dottyback Western Central Pacific. 8.3 TL 1998
Pseudochromis punctatus Blackback dottyback Western Indian Ocean 10.4 TL 1970
Pseudochromis pylei Pyle's dottyback Western Central Pacific 8 TL 1989
Pseudochromis quinquedentatus Spiny dottyback Indo-Pacific 9.5 TL 1926
Pseudochromis ransonneti Karimunjawa dottyback Western Pacific. 7 TL 1870
Pseudochromis reticulatus Reticulate dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean 5.1 SL 1992
Pseudochromis rutilus Red-gold Dottyback Indian Ocean 5.5 SL 2012
Pseudochromis sankeyi Schooling dottyback Western Indian Ocean 7 TL 1975
Pseudochromis socotraensis Socotra Dottyback Indian Ocean 3.5 SL 2011
Pseudochromis springeri Blue-striped dottyback Western Indian Ocean 5.5 TL 1975
Pseudochromis steenei Lyretail dottyback Western Central Pacific 12 TL 1992
Pseudochromis striatus Striated dottyback Western Pacific 3.2 SL 1995
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma Blackmargin dottyback Indo-West Pacific 7.4 TL 1853
Pseudochromis tauberae Lightheaded dottyback Western Indian Ocean 8 TL 1977
Pseudochromis tigrinus Tiger dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean, And 5.1 SL 2012
Pseudochromis tonozukai Spot-stripe dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean 6.6 SL 2004
Pseudochromis viridis Green dottyback Eastern Indian Ocean 4.3 SL 1996
Pseudochromis wilsoni Yellowfin dottyback Indo-Pacific 8 TL 1929
Pseudoplesiops annae Anna's dottyback Western Pacific. 3.7 TL 1913
Pseudoplesiops collare Collared dottyback Western Pacific 3.1 SL 1991
Pseudoplesiops howensis Lord Howe Dottyback Western Central Pacific 2.8 SL 1987
Pseudoplesiops immaculatus Immaculate dottyback Indo-West Pacific 4 TL 2002
Pseudoplesiops occidentalis Western Indian Ocean 2002
Pseudoplesiops revellei Bearded dottyback Pacific Ocean 3.5 TL 1953
Pseudoplesiops rosae Rose Island basslet Indo-West Pacific 2.3 SL 1943
Pseudoplesiops typus Hidden basslet Western Central Pacific 4.6 SL 1858
Pseudoplesiops wassi Fleckfin dottyback Pacific Ocean 2.9 SL 2003
Rusichthys explicitus Western Indian Ocean 5.2 SL 1996
Rusichthys plesiomorphus Western Indian Ocean 4.1 SL 1979

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