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Family: Aploactinidae Velvetfishes

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48 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Acanthosphex leurynnis Wasp-spine velvetfish Indo-West Pacific. 3.1 TL 1905
Adventor elongatus Visitor Western Central Pacific 1952
Aploactis aspera Dusky velvetfish Western Pacific 10 TL 1845
Aploactisoma milesii Southern velvetfish Indo-Pacific 23 TL 1850
Bathyaploactis curtisensis Port Curtis mossback Indo-Pacific 1933
Bathyaploactis ornatissima Ornate velvetfish Western Pacific 1933
Cocotropus altipinnis Highfin velvetfish Southwest Pacific 3.2 SL 1903
Cocotropus astakhovi Western Pacific 4.2 SL 2010
Cocotropus dermacanthus Spinyskin velvetfish Indo-Pacific 5.1 SL 1852
Cocotropus echinatus Eastern Indian Ocean 7.2 SL 1849
Cocotropus eksae Western Pacific 4.4 SL 2010
Cocotropus izuensis Northwest Pacific 4.7 SL 2010
Cocotropus keramaensis Northwest Pacific 3.4 SL 2003
Cocotropus larvatus Ghost velvetfish Eastern Indian Ocean 7.1 SL 1987
Cocotropus masudai Northwest Pacific 5 TL 1943
Cocotropus microps Patchwork velvetfish Southwest Pacific 3.9 SL 2004
Cocotropus monacanthus Roughskin scorpionfish Western Indian Ocean 13.1 TL 1906
Cocotropus possi Northwest Pacific 3.5 SL 2008
Cocotropus richeri Western Pacific 2.1 SL 2004
Cocotropus roseomaculatus Western Indian Ocean 2.9 SL 2004
Cocotropus roseus Western Indian Ocean. 4.3 SL 1875
Cocotropus steinitzi Steinitz' velvetfish Indo-West Pacific 5 TL 1978
Erisphex aniarus Dark-finned velvetfish East Indo-West Pacific. 6.1 TL 1967
Erisphex philippinus Indo-West Pacific 1938
Erisphex pottii Western Pacific 12 TL 1896
Erisphex simplex Northwest Pacific 1981
Kanekonia florida Western Pacific 4.6 SL 1915
Kanekonia pelta Western Pacific 2.9 SL 1982
Kanekonia queenslandica Deep velvetfish Eastern Indian Ocean 6.4 TL 1952
Matsubarichthys inusitatus Rare velvetfish Western Pacific 1.7 SL 1991
Neoaploactis tridorsalis Threefin velvetfish Western Pacific 5 TL 1978
Paraploactis hongkongiensis Western Central Pacific. 1966
Paraploactis intonsa Bearded velvetfish Eastern Indian Ocean 1978
Paraploactis kagoshimensis Northwest Pacific 12 TL 1904
Paraploactis obbesi Sulu velvetfish Western Pacific. 5 TL 1913
Paraploactis pulvinus Pillow velvetfish Western Pacific 1978
Paraploactis taprobanensis Western Indian Ocean. Sr 1933
Paraploactis trachyderma Mossback velvetfish Indo-Pacific 1865
Peristrominous dolosus Deceitful velvetfish Indo-Pacific 1952
Prosoproctus pataecus Western Pacific 1979
Pseudopataecus carnatobarbatus Goatee velvetfish Eastern Indian Ocean 9.7 SL 2012
Pseudopataecus taenianotus Longfin velvetfish Southwestern Pacific 10.8 SL 2004
Ptarmus gallus Western Indian Ocean 3.5 TL 1877
Ptarmus jubatus Crested scorpionfish Western Indian Ocean 8.5 TL 1935
Sthenopus mollis Western Pacific. 1848
Xenaploactis anopta Western Central Pacific 3.7 SL 1980
Xenaploactis asperrima Western Central Pacific 4.0 SL 1860
Xenaploactis cautes Rough velvetfish Indo-western Pacific 2.8 SL 1980

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