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Family: Chimaeridae Shortnose chimaeras or ratfishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Chimaera argiloba Whitefin chimarea Eastern Indian Ocean 91.2 TL 2008
Chimaera bahamaensis Bahamas ghost shark North Atlantic 88.1 TL 2010
Chimaera buccanigella Dark-mouth Chimaera Southwestern Indian Ocean 86.1 TL 2017
Chimaera carophila Brown chimaera Southwest Pacific 103.5 TL 2014
Chimaera cubana Chimaera Western Central Atlantic 75 TL 1936
Chimaera didierae The Falkor chimaera Southwestern Indian Ocean 15.6 TL 2017
Chimaera fulva Southern chimaera Southern Australia. 118.7 TL 2008
Chimaera jordani Northwest Pacific 64 SL 1905
Chimaera lignaria Carpenter's chimaera Pacific 142 TL 2002
Chimaera macrospina Longspine chimaera Indo-West Pacific area of 103.4 TL 2008
Chimaera monstrosa Rabbit fish Eastern Atlantic 150 TL 1758
Chimaera notafricana Cape chimaera Southeast Atlantic 93 TL 2010
Chimaera obscura Shortspine chimaera Southwest Pacific 95.1 TL 2008
Chimaera opalescens Opal chimaera Northeast Atlantic, along 109.8 TL 2011
Chimaera orientalis Eastern Pacific black chimaera Eastern Pacific 17.6 TL 2014
Chimaera owstoni Northwest Pacific 1905
Chimaera panthera Southwest Pacific 129 TL 1998
Chimaera phantasma Silver chimaera Western Pacific 100 TL 1900
Chimaera willwatchi Seafarer’s ghost shark Southwestern Indian Ocean 97.1 TL 2017
Hydrolagus affinis Smalleyed rabbitfish Northeast Atlantic 130 TL 1868
Hydrolagus africanus African chimaera Western Indian Ocean 67 TL 1922
Hydrolagus alberti Eastern Atlantic 54 SL 1951
Hydrolagus alphus Eastern Central Pacific 48 TL 2006
Hydrolagus barbouri Northwest Pacific 1908
Hydrolagus bemisi Southwest Pacific 111.5 TL 2002
Hydrolagus colliei Spotted ratfish Northeastern Pacific 100 TL 1839
Hydrolagus deani Philippine chimaera Western Central Pacific 73 TL 1912
Hydrolagus eidolon Northwest Pacific 1925
Hydrolagus erithacus Robin’s ghostshark Southeastern Atlantic and 144.2 TL 2017
Hydrolagus homonycteris Black ghostshark Southern Ocean 108.5 TL 2008
Hydrolagus lemures Blackfin ghostshark Indo-West Pacific 88 TL 1939
Hydrolagus lusitanicus Northeast Atlantic 117.7 OT 2005
Hydrolagus macrophthalmus Big eye chimaera Eastern Pacific 63.9 TL 1959
Hydrolagus marmoratus Western Pacific 80.1 TL 2008
Hydrolagus matallanasi Striped rabbitfish Southwestern Atlantic 69.5 TL 2004
Hydrolagus mccoskeri Galápagos Ghost Shark Eastern Central Pacific 38.1 TL 2006
Hydrolagus melanophasma Eastern Pacific Black Ghostshark Eastern Pacific Ocean 120 TL 2009
Hydrolagus mirabilis Large-eyed rabbitfish Eastern Atlantic 41 SL 1904
Hydrolagus mitsukurii Spookfish Northwest Pacific 1904
Hydrolagus novaezealandiae Dark ghost shark Southwest Pacific 96 TL 1911
Hydrolagus ogilbyi Ogilbys ghostshark Eastern Indian Ocean and 85 WD 1898
Hydrolagus pallidus Northeast Atlantic 1990
Hydrolagus purpurescens Purple chimaera Pacific Ocean 1905
Hydrolagus trolli Pointy-nosed blue chimaera Western Pacific 120.4 TL 2002
Hydrolagus waitei Eastern Indian Ocean 1907

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