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Family: Cetomimidae Flabby whalefishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Ataxolepis apus Western Central Pacific 4.5 SL 1966
Ataxolepis henactis Eastern Pacific 4.0 SL 1970
Cetichthys indagator Atlantic, Indian and Paci 11.8 TL 1959
Cetichthys parini Indo-Pacific 19.6 SL 1989
Cetomimoides parri Western Central Pacific 3.7 SL 1955
Cetomimus compunctus Northwest Pacific 1965
Cetomimus craneae Western Central Atlantic 1952
Cetomimus gillii Eastern Atlantic 11.2 SL 1895
Cetomimus hempeli Whalefish Eastern Atlantic 7.8 SL 1969
Cetomimus kerdops Western Central Atlantic 1934
Cetomimus picklei Southeast Atlantic 5.6 SL 1922
Cetomimus teevani Western Central Atlantic 10.5 SL 1952
Cetostoma regani Pink flabby whalefish Atlantic Ocean 24.7 SL 1914
Danacetichthys galathenus Atlantic, Indian, and Pac 5.4 SL 1989
Ditropichthys storeri Atlantic Ocean 12.8 SL 1895
Eutaeniophorus festivus Festive ribbonfish Circumglobal 5.3 TL 1956
Gyrinomimus andriashevi Southern Ocean 23.2 SL 1987
Gyrinomimus bruuni Circumglobal. 22 NG 1959
Gyrinomimus grahami Flabby whalefish Probably circumglobal in 31 SL 1964
Gyrinomimus myersi Western Central Atlantic 6.6 SL 1934
Gyrinomimus parri Parr's combtooth whalefish Circumglobal. 1961
Megalomycter teevani Western Central Atlantic 1966
Mirapinna esau Hairyfish Eastern Atlantic 5.5 TL 1956
Notocetichthys trunovi Trunov southern cetomimid Southern Ocean 10.9 SL 1989
Parataeniophorus bertelseni Central Atlantic. Needs 1989
Parataeniophorus brevis Short tapetail Western Indian Ocean 4.6 TL 1956
Parataeniophorus gulosus Eastern Atlantic 3.5 TL 1956
Procetichthys kreffti Atlantic 1989
Rhamphocetichthys savagei Savage's birdsnouted whalefish Pacific Ocean 1989
Vitiaziella cubiceps Northwest Pacific 1955

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