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162 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Amblyraja badia Broad skate Eastern Pacific 100 TL 1899
Amblyraja doellojuradoi Southern thorny skate Southeast Pacific 69 TL 1935
Amblyraja frerichsi Thickbody skate Southwest Atlantic 91 TL 1968
Amblyraja georgiana Antarctic starry skate Southeast Pacific 115 TL 1938
Amblyraja hyperborea Arctic skate Arctic 112 TL 1879
Amblyraja jenseni Shorttail skate Western Atlantic 85 TL 1950
Amblyraja radiata Starry ray North Atlantic and adjace 105 TL 1808
Amblyraja reversa Reversed skate Western Indian Ocean 60 TL 1906
Amblyraja robertsi Bigmouth skate Southeast Atlantic 77 TL 1970
Amblyraja taaf Whiteleg skate Indian Ocean 90 TL 1987
Beringraja binoculata Big skate North Pacific 244 TL 1855
Beringraja cortezensis Cortez skate Eastern Central Pacific 39 TL 1988
Beringraja inornata California skate Eastern Pacific 76 TL 1881
Beringraja pulchra Mottled skate Northwest Pacific 115 TL 1932
Beringraja rhina Longnose skate Eastern Pacific 180 TL 1880
Beringraja stellulata Starry skate Northeast Pacific 76 TL 1880
Breviraja claramaculata Brightspot skate Western Central Atlantic 29.4 TL 1985
Breviraja colesi Lightnose skate Western Central Atlantic 40 TL 1948
Breviraja marklei Nova Scotia skate Northwest Atlantic 45.1 TL 1987
Breviraja mouldi Blacknose skate Western Central Atlantic 41 TL 1995
Breviraja nigriventralis Blackbelly skate Western Central Atlantic 40 TL 1985
Breviraja spinosa Spinose skate Western Central Atlantic 23.6 WD 1950
Dactylobatus armatus Skilletskate Western Central Atlantic 32 TL 1909
Dactylobatus clarkii Hookskate Western Central Atlantic 69 WD 1958
Dentiraja australis Sydney skate Western Pacific 55 TL 1884
Dentiraja cerva Whitespotted skate Eastern Indian Ocean 66 TL 1939
Dentiraja confusa Eastern Indian Ocean and 69.5 TL 2008
Dentiraja endeavouri Endeavour skate Southwest Pacific 36.7 TL 2008
Dentiraja falloarga False Argus skate Eastern Indian Ocean 49.1 TL 2008
Dentiraja flindersi Pygmy thornback skate Eastern Indian Ocean 32.6 TL 2008
Dentiraja healdi Heald’s skate Eastern Indian Ocean 72.3 TL 2008
Dentiraja lemprieri Thornback skate Eastern Indian Ocean to s 55 TL 1845
Dentiraja oculata Eastern Indian Ocean 55.7 TL 2008
Dentiraja polyommata Argus skate Western Pacific 36 TL 1910
Dipturus acrobelus Deepwater skate Indo-West Pacific 137.1 TL 2008
Dipturus amphispinus Ridgeback skate Western Central Pacific 89.7 TL 2013
Dipturus apricus Pale tropical skate Western Central Pacific 76.5 TL 2008
Dipturus argentinensis Argentine skate Southwest Atlantic 93.5 TL 2008
Dipturus batis Blue skate Eastern Atlantic 285 TL 1758
Dipturus bullisi Bullis skate Western Central Atlantic 48 WD 1962
Dipturus campbelli Blackspot skate Western Indian Ocean 66 TL 1967
Dipturus canutus Grey skate Indo-west Pacific 90.4 TL 2008
Dipturus chinensis Northwest Pacific 68 TL 1855
Dipturus crosnieri Madagascar skate Western Indian Ocean 61 TL 1989
Dipturus diehli Thorny tail skate Southwest Atlantic 101.2 DL 2001
Dipturus doutrei Violet skate Eastern Central Atlantic 115 TL 1960
Dipturus ecuadoriensis Ecuador skate Southeast Pacific 39 TL 1941
Dipturus flavirostris Southeast Pacific 1892
Dipturus garricki San Blas skate Western Central Atlantic 107 TL 1958
Dipturus gigas Giant skate Northwest Pacific 186 TL 1958
Dipturus grahami Graham’s skate Southwest Pacific 64.1 TL 2008
Dipturus gudgeri Bight skate Indo-West Pacific 184 TL 1940
Dipturus innominatus New Zealand smooth skate Southwest Pacific 240 TL 1974
Dipturus intermedius NE Atlantic 230 TL 1837
Dipturus johannisdavisi Travancore skate Western Indian Ocean 54 TL 1899
Dipturus kwangtungensis Kwangtung skate Northwest Pacific 75.7 TL 1960
Dipturus laevis Barndoor skate Western Atlantic 163 TL 1818
Dipturus lanceorostratus Rattail skate Western Indian Ocean 82 TL 1967
Dipturus leptocauda Thintail skate Southwest Atlantic 67 TL 1975
Dipturus macrocauda Bigtail skate Northwest Pacific 120 TL 1955
Dipturus melanospilus Blacktip skate Western Pacific 77.7 TL 2008
Dipturus mennii South Brazilian skate Southwest Atlantic 167 TL 2001
Dipturus nidarosiensis Norwegian skate Eastern Atlantic 200 TL 1881
Dipturus olseni Spreadfin skate Western Central Atlantic 69 TL 1951
Dipturus oregoni Hooktail skate Western Central Atlantic 144 TL 1958
Dipturus oxyrinchus Longnosed skate Eastern Atlantic 150 TL 1758
Dipturus pullopunctatus Slime skate Southeast Atlantic 130 TL 1964
Dipturus queenslandicus Queensland deepwater skate Western Pacific 76.1 TL 2008
Dipturus springeri Roughbelly skate Southeast Atlantic and We 192 TL 1967
Dipturus stenorhynchus Prow-nose skate Western Indian Ocean 101 TL 1967
Dipturus teevani Prickly brown ray Western Atlantic 84 TL 1951
Dipturus tengu Acutenose skate Western Pacific 113 TL 1903
Dipturus trachyderma Ray Southwest Atlantic 264 TL 1975
Dipturus wengi Weng’s skate Western Pacific to Southw 128 TL 2008
Dipturus wuhanlingi China skate Northwest Pacific 78.4 TL 2008
Hongeo koreana Korean skate Northwest Pacific 76 TL 1997
Leucoraja caribbaea Maya skate Western Atlantic 1977
Leucoraja circularis Sandy ray Eastern Atlantic 120 TL 1838
Leucoraja compagnoi Tigertail skate Southeast Atlantic 29.2 TL 1995
Leucoraja erinacea Little skate Western Atlantic 54 TL 1825
Leucoraja fullonica Shagreen ray Eastern Atlantic 120 TL 1758
Leucoraja garmani Rosette skate Western Atlantic 26 WD 1939
Leucoraja lentiginosa Freckled skate Western Central Atlantic 43 TL 1951
Leucoraja leucosticta Whitedappled skate Eastern Atlantic 80 TL 1971
Leucoraja melitensis Maltese ray Mediterranean Sea 50 TL 1926
Leucoraja naevus Cuckoo ray Eastern Atlantic 71 TL 1841
Leucoraja ocellata Winter skate Western Atlantic 110 TL 1815
Leucoraja pristispina Sawback skate Eastern Indian Ocean 40.1 TL 2008
Leucoraja virginica Virginia skate Northwest Atlantic 1977
Leucoraja wallacei Yellowspotted skate Southeast Atlantic and We 100 TL 1970
Leucoraja yucatanensis Yucatan skate Western Central Atlantic 1950
Malacoraja kreffti Krefft's ray Northeast Atlantic 70 TL 1978
Malacoraja obscura Western Atlantic 68 TL 2005
Malacoraja senta Smooth skate Western Atlantic 61 TL 1885
Malacoraja spinacidermis Soft skate Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1923
Neoraja africana West African pygmy skate Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1983
Neoraja caerulea Blue ray Northeast Atlantic 30 TL 1976
Neoraja carolinensis Carolina pygmy skate Western Central Atlantic 28.5 TL 1984
Neoraja iberica Iberian pygmy skate Northeastern Atlantic 32.7 TL 2008
Neoraja stehmanni African pygmy skate Southeast Atlantic 35 TL 1972
Okamejei acutispina Sharpspine skate Western Pacific 1958
Okamejei arafurensis Arafura skate Eastern Indian Ocean 49.5 TL 2008
Okamejei boesemani Boeseman's skate Western Central Pacific 55 1987
Okamejei cairae Borneo Sand Skate Western Pacific 39 TL 2010
Okamejei heemstrai East African skate Western Indian Ocean 51.5 TL 1982
Okamejei hollandi Yellow-spotted skate Western Pacific 42 TL 1909
Okamejei kenojei Ocellate spot skate Northwest Pacific 57 TL 1841
Okamejei leptoura Eastern Indian Ocean 55.5 TL 2008
Okamejei meerdervoortii Bigeye skate Western Pacific 37 TL 1860
Okamejei mengae Northwest Pacific 2007
Okamejei ornata Ornate skate Northwestern Indian Ocean 50.9 TL 2015
Okamejei philipi Western Indian Ocean 1906
Okamejei schmidti Browneye skate Northwest Pacific 1958
Orbiraja jensenae Sulu Sea skate Western Pacific 53.3 TL 2010
Orbiraja powelli Indian ring skate Northern Indian Ocean 22 WD 1898
Raja ackleyi Ocellate skate Western Central Atlantic 51 TL 1881
Raja africana African ray Eastern Atlantic 80 TL 1977
Raja asterias Mediterranean starry ray Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1809
Raja bahamensis Bahama skate Western Central Atlantic 1965
Raja brachyura Blonde ray Eastern Atlantic 125 TL 1871
Raja cervigoni Finspot ray Western Central Atlantic 50 WD 1964
Raja clavata Thornback ray Eastern Atlantic and Sout 139 TL 1758
Raja eglanteria Clearnose skate Western Atlantic 84 TL 1800
Raja equatorialis Equatorial skate Eastern Pacific 50 TL 1890
Raja herwigi Cape Verde skate Eastern Central Atlantic 50 TL 1965
Raja maderensis Madeiran ray Eastern Atlantic 85 TL 1838
Raja microocellata Small-eyed ray Eastern Atlantic 87 TL 1818
Raja miraletus Brown ray Eastern Atlantic 63 TL 1758
Raja montagui Spotted ray Eastern Atlantic 83.5 TL 1910
Raja parva African brown skate Eastern Central Atlantic 41.1 TL 2016
Raja pita Pita skate Western Indian Ocean. 46 TL 1995
Raja polystigma Speckled ray Northeast Atlantic 60 TL 1923
Raja radula Rough ray Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1809
Raja rondeleti Rondelet's ray Northeast Atlantic 50 TL 1959
Raja rouxi Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1977
Raja straeleni Spotted skate Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1951
Raja texana Roundel skate Western Central Atlantic 53 WD 1921
Raja undulata Undulate ray Eastern Atlantic 100 TL 1802
Raja velezi Velez ray Eastern Pacific 83 TL 1973
Rajella annandalei Annandale's skate Western Central Pacific 33 1913
Rajella barnardi Bigthorn skate Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1935
Rajella bathyphila Deep-water ray North Atlantic and adjace 90 TL 1908
Rajella bigelowi Bigelow's ray Eastern Atlantic 55 TL 1978
Rajella caudaspinosa Munchskin skate Southeast Atlantic 32 WD 1923
Rajella challengeri Challenger skate Eastern Indian Ocean and 56.1 TL 2008
Rajella dissimilis Ghost skate Eastern Atlantic 39 WD 1970
Rajella eisenhardti Southeast Pacific 38.5 TL 1999
Rajella fuliginea Sooty skate Western Atlantic 1954
Rajella fyllae Round ray North Atlantic and adjac 60 TL 1887
Rajella kukujevi Mid-Atlantic skate Northeast Atlantic 1985
Rajella leoparda Leopard skate Eastern Atlantic 65 WD 1923
Rajella lintea Sailray North Atlantic Ocean and 125 TL 1838
Rajella nigerrima Blackish skate Southeast Pacific 27.3 TL 1960
Rajella paucispinosa Sparsely-thorned skate Western Indian Ocean off 47.1 TL 2014
Rajella purpuriventralis Purplebelly skate Western Central Atlantic 17.4 WD 1962
Rajella ravidula Smoothback skate Southeast Atlantic 70 TL 1970
Rajella sadowskii Brazilian skate Southeast Pacific 1974
Rostroraja alba White skate Eastern Atlantic 230 TL 1803
Spiniraja whitleyi Melbourne skate Eastern Indian Ocean 200 TL 1938
Zearaja chilensis Yellownose skate Southeast Pacific and Sou 210 TL 1848
Zearaja maugeana Maugean skate Southwest Pacific 84 TL 2007
Zearaja nasuta New Zealand rough skate Southwest Pacific 118 TL 1841

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