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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Syngnathiformes
Family: Syngnathidae Pipefishes and seahorses
Subfamily: Syngnathinae
Genus: Syngnathus

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33 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Syngnathus abaster Black-striped pipefish Eastern Atlantic 21 TL 1827
Syngnathus acus Greater pipefish Eastern Atlantic 50 TL 1758
Syngnathus affinis Texas pipefish Western Atlantic 1870
Syngnathus auliscus Barred pipefish Eastern Pacific 18 TL 1882
Syngnathus californiensis Kelp pipefish Eastern Pacific 50 TL 1845
Syngnathus caribbaeus Caribbean pipefish Western Atlantic 22.5 TL 1979
Syngnathus carinatus Eastern Central Pacific 23 SL 1892
Syngnathus dawsoni Western Central Atlantic 1969
Syngnathus euchrous Chocolate pipefish Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1980
Syngnathus exilis Barcheek pipefish Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1916
Syngnathus floridae Dusky pipefish Western Atlantic 26 TL 1882
Syngnathus folletti Southwest Atlantic 1942
Syngnathus fuscus Northern pipefish Western Atlantic 33 TL 1839
Syngnathus insulae Eastern Central Pacific 20.4 SL 1980
Syngnathus leptorhynchus Bay pipefish Eastern Pacific 38.5 TL 1854
Syngnathus louisianae Chain pipefish Western Atlantic 38 TL 1870
Syngnathus macrobrachium Southeast Pacific 22.5 SL 1980
Syngnathus macrophthalmus Western Indian Ocean 12.2 TL 1915
Syngnathus makaxi Western Central Atlantic 8.7 SL 1972
Syngnathus pelagicus Sargassum pipefish Western Atlantic 18.1 SL 1758
Syngnathus phlegon Eastern Atlantic 20 TL 1827
Syngnathus rostellatus Nilsson's pipefish Northeast Atlantic 18.5 TL 1855
Syngnathus safina Western Indian Ocean 1992
Syngnathus schlegeli Seaweed pipefish Northwest Pacific 30 TL 1856
Syngnathus schmidti Europe 11 TL 1928
Syngnathus scovelli Gulf pipefish Western Atlantic 18.3 SL 1896
Syngnathus springeri Bull pipefish Western Atlantic 38 TL 1942
Syngnathus taenionotus Mediterranean Sea 19 TL 1871
Syngnathus temminckii Southwest Atlantic to Sou 1856
Syngnathus tenuirostris Narrow-snouted pipefish Mediterranean Sea 1837
Syngnathus typhle Broadnosed pipefish Eastern Atlantic 35 TL 1758
Syngnathus variegatus Eurasia 1814
Syngnathus watermeyeri River pipefish Africa 13 TL 1963

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