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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Callionymidae Dragonets

Genus: Synchiropus

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43 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Synchiropus altivelis Highfin bigeye dragonet Indo-Pacific 17 SL 1845
Synchiropus atrilabiatus Antler dragonet Eastern Pacific 16.7 TL 1899
Synchiropus australis Queensland bigeye dragonet Western Central Pacific. 1989
Synchiropus bartelsi Bartel's dragonet Western Central Pacific 4.5 TL 1981
Synchiropus circularis Circled dragonet Western Pacific 2.3 SL 1984
Synchiropus claudiae Claudia's dragonet Western Central Pacific 2.2 TL 1990
Synchiropus corallinus Exclamation point dragonet Pacific Ocean 4 SL 1905
Synchiropus delandi Deland’s dragonet Western Central Pacific 1943
Synchiropus goodenbeani Palefin dragonet Western Atlantic 18.4 SL 1999
Synchiropus grandoculis Western Australian bigeye dragonet Eastern Indian Ocean 2000
Synchiropus grinnelli Philippines dragonet Western Central Pacific 6.5 TL 1941
Synchiropus hawaiiensis Hawaiian bigeye dragonet Eastern Central Pacific 2000
Synchiropus kanmuensis Kanmu dragonet Northwest Pacific 14.2 SL 1983
Synchiropus kinmeiensis Kinmei dragonet Pacific Ocean 13.1 SL 1983
Synchiropus kiyoae Kiyo’s dragonet Pacific Ocean 2 SL 1983
Synchiropus laddi Ladd's dragonet Pacific Ocean 3 TL 1960
Synchiropus lateralis Chinese ornate dragonet Western Pacific 1844
Synchiropus lineolatus Indian ornate dragonet Indo-West Pacific. 5.3 SL 1837
Synchiropus marmoratus Marbled dragonet Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1855
Synchiropus minutulus Minute flagfin dragonet Western Indian Ocean. 2.3 SL 1981
Synchiropus monacanthus Deep-water dragonet Western Indian Ocean and 13 TL 1935
Synchiropus morrisoni Morrison's dragonet Western Pacific 8 TL 1960
Synchiropus moyeri Moyer's dragonet Western Pacific 7.5 TL 1985
Synchiropus novaecaledoniae West Jumeau bigeye dragonet Western Central Pacific. 1993
Synchiropus orientalis Indian Ocean. 1801
Synchiropus orstom Orstom dragonet Western Central Pacific 2000
Synchiropus phaeton Phaeton dragonet Eastern Atlantic 18 TL 1861
Synchiropus picturatus Picturesque dragonet Indo-West Pacific 7 TL 1877
Synchiropus postulus Dwarf dragonet Western Indian Ocean 2.6 TL 1963
Synchiropus rameus High-finned dragonet Western Central Pacific 15 TL 1926
Synchiropus randalli Randall's dragonet Southeast Pacific 3.6 NG 1985
Synchiropus richeri Richer’s dragonet Western Central Pacific 2000
Synchiropus rosulentus Rosy dragonet Eastern Central Pacific 2.2 SL 1999
Synchiropus rubrovinctus Tiny Hawaiian dragonet Western Pacific 2.4 TL 1905
Synchiropus sechellensis Seychelles dragonet Indo-West Pacific 3.8 SL 1908
Synchiropus signipinnis Chesterfield bigeye dragonet Western Central Pacific 2000
Synchiropus splendidus Mandarinfish Western Pacific 7 TL 1927
Synchiropus springeri Springer's dragonet Western Pacific 1.8 SL 1983
Synchiropus stellatus Starry dragonet Indian Ocean 7.5 TL 1963
Synchiropus sycorax Ruby dragonet Western Pacific 4.0 SL 2016
Synchiropus tudorjonesi Redback dragonet Indonesia (Ref. 89073). 4.8 TL 2012
Synchiropus valdiviae Valdivia dragonet Southeast Atlantic. Vald 22 TL 1981
Synchiropus zamboangana Zamboangan dragonet Western Central Pacific 1910

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