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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Pleuronectiformes
Family: Cynoglossidae Tonguefishes
Subfamily: Symphurinae
Genus: Symphurus

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76 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Symphurus arawak Caribbean tonguefish Western Atlantic 5.1 TL 1965
Symphurus atramentatus Inkspot tonguefish Eastern Pacific 14.4 SL 1890
Symphurus atricaudus California tonguefish Eastern Central Pacific 21 TL 1880
Symphurus australis Indo-West Pacific. 1907
Symphurus bathyspilus Western Central Pacific 12.1 SL 2003
Symphurus billykrietei Kriete's tonguefish Northwest Atlantic 11.9 SL 1998
Symphurus callopterus Chocolate tonguefish Eastern Pacific 16.2 SL 1989
Symphurus caribbeanus Western Atlantic 13 SL 1991
Symphurus chabanaudi Chabanaud's tonguefish Eastern Pacific 25 TL 1990
Symphurus civitatium Offshore tonguefish Northwestern Atlantic 17 TL 1951
Symphurus diabolicus Devil's tonguefish Southeast Pacific 11.3 SL 1990
Symphurus diomedeanus Spottedfin tonguefish Western Atlantic 22 TL 1885
Symphurus elongatus Elongate tonguefish Eastern Central Pacific 15.8 SL 1868
Symphurus fasciolaris Banded tongue-fish Eastern Central Pacific 24.5 TL 1892
Symphurus fuscus Western Indian Ocean 1906
Symphurus gilesii Western Central Pacific. 14 TL 1889
Symphurus ginsburgi Ginsburg's tonguefish Southwest Atlantic 9 SL 1976
Symphurus gorgonae Gorgonian tonguefish Eastern Pacific 8.2 SL 1948
Symphurus hondoensis Northwest Pacific 12.2 SL 1915
Symphurus insularis Eastern Atlantic 8.0 SL 2000
Symphurus jenynsi Jenyn's tonguefish Southwest Atlantic 31.9 SL 1906
Symphurus kyaropterygium Southwest Atlantic 12 SL 1976
Symphurus leei Lee's tonguefish Eastern Central Pacific 14.8 SL 1890
Symphurus leucochilus Northwest Pacific 6.7 SL 2014
Symphurus ligulatus Elongate tonguesole Eastern Atlantic 12.8 TL 1844
Symphurus lubbocki Southeast Atlantic 1990
Symphurus luzonensis Western Central Pacific 1955
Symphurus macrophthalmus Western Indian Ocean 1939
Symphurus maculopinnis Western Pacific 8.4 SL 2011
Symphurus maldivensis Western Indian Ocean 11 TL 1955
Symphurus marginatus Margined tonguefish Western Atlantic 14.6 SL 1886
Symphurus marmoratus Indo-Pacific 9.8 SL 1934
Symphurus megasomus Giant tonguefish Northwest Pacific 14.7 SL 2009
Symphurus melanurus Drab tonguefish Eastern Pacific 18.6 SL 1936
Symphurus melasmatotheca Blackstripe tonguefish Eastern Pacific 13.6 SL 1990
Symphurus microlepis Smallfin tonguefish Eastern Central Pacific 10 SL 1899
Symphurus microrhynchus Indo-Pacific 7.1 TL 1913
Symphurus minor Largescale tonguefish Western Atlantic 9 TL 1951
Symphurus monostigmus Western Indian Ocean 5.5 SL 2006
Symphurus multimaculatus Pepperdot tonguefish Pacific Ocean 9.4 SL 2009
Symphurus nebulosus Freckled tonguefish Western Atlantic 10 TL 1883
Symphurus nigrescens Tonguesole Eastern Atlantic 12 SL 1810
Symphurus normani Norman's tonguesole Eastern Atlantic 70 TL 1950
Symphurus novemfasciatus Northwest Pacific 1984
Symphurus ocellaris Ringtail tonguefish Eastern Central Pacific 7.3 SL 2005
Symphurus ocellatus Double-spot tonguesole Western Indian Ocean 12 TL 1922
Symphurus oculellus Western Atlantic 18.9 SL 1991
Symphurus oligomerus Spotfin tonguefish Eastern Pacific 14.6 SL 1990
Symphurus ommaspilus Ocellated tonguefish Western Central Atlantic 5.7 SL 1961
Symphurus orientalis Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1879
Symphurus parvus Pygmy tonguefish Western Atlantic 9 TL 1951
Symphurus pelicanus Longtail tonguefish Western Atlantic 9 TL 1951
Symphurus piger Deepwater tonguefish Western Atlantic 15 TL 1886
Symphurus plagiusa Blackcheek tonguefish Western Atlantic 21 TL 1766
Symphurus plagusia Duskycheek tonguefish Western Atlantic 25 TL 1801
Symphurus prolatinaris Halfstriped tonguefish Eastern Central Pacific 16.1 SL 1991
Symphurus pusillus Northern tonguefish Northwestern Atlantic 7.5 TL 1885
Symphurus regani Western Central Pacific 12 TL 1929
Symphurus reticulatus Eastern Atlantic 1990
Symphurus rhytisma Patchtail tonguefish Western Central Atlantic 4.5 SL 1961
Symphurus schultzi Western Pacific 1955
Symphurus septemstriatus Sevenband tonguesole Indo-West Pacific 10 TL 1891
Symphurus stigmosus Blotchfin tonguefish Western Central Atlantic 12.6 SL 1998
Symphurus strictus Blackbelly tonguesole Indo-Pacific 14 TL 1905
Symphurus tessellatus Western Atlantic 22 SL 1824
Symphurus thermophilus Western Pacific tonguefish Pacific 10.2 SL 2008
Symphurus trewavasae Trewavas' tonguefish Southwest Atlantic 18.2 TL 1948
Symphurus trifasciatus Threeband tonguesole Indian Ocean 11.6 SL 1894
Symphurus undatus Western Central Pacific 1905
Symphurus undecimplerus Dark cheek tongue Eastern Pacific 14.2 SL 1990
Symphurus urospilus Spottail tonguefish Western Atlantic 16.6 SL 1951
Symphurus vanmelleae Vanmelle’s tonguefish Eastern Central Atlantic 11.8 SL 1952
Symphurus variegatus Southeast Atlantic 9 TL 1903
Symphurus varius Mottled tonguefish Eastern Pacific 10.8 SL 1899
Symphurus williamsi William's tonguefish Eastern Pacific 11.6 SL 1895
Symphurus woodmasoni Eastern Indian Ocean 13.6 SL 1889

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