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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Serranidae Sea basses: groupers and fairy basslets
Subfamily: Anthiinae
Genus: Pseudanthias

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63 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Pseudanthias albofasciatus Northwest Pacific 1930
Pseudanthias aurulentus Eastern Central Pacific 4.6 SL 1982
Pseudanthias bartlettorum Bartletts' anthias Pacific Ocean 9 TL 1981
Pseudanthias bicolor Bicolor anthias Indo-Pacific 13 TL 1979
Pseudanthias bimaculatus Two-spot basslet Indo-West Pacific 14 TL 1955
Pseudanthias bimarginatus Margined anthias Western Indian Ocean 7 TL 2011
Pseudanthias calloura Aurora anthias Western Central Pacific 10 TL 2001
Pseudanthias caudalis Northwest Pacific 17 SL 1959
Pseudanthias charleneae Charlene's anthias Western Pacific 7.5 SL 2008
Pseudanthias cichlops Western Pacific 9.5 SL 1853
Pseudanthias connelli Harlequin goldie Western Indian Ocean 11 SL 1986
Pseudanthias conspicuus Indian Ocean 1973
Pseudanthias cooperi Red-bar anthias Indo-Pacific 14 TL 1902
Pseudanthias dispar Peach fairy basslet Pacific Ocean 9.5 TL 1955
Pseudanthias elongatus Northwest Pacific 14 SL 1910
Pseudanthias engelhardi Orangebar anthias Western Central Pacific 10 TL 1982
Pseudanthias evansi Yellowback anthias Indian Ocean 12 SL 1954
Pseudanthias fasciatus One-stripe anthias Indo-Pacific 21 TL 1955
Pseudanthias flavicauda Western Pacific 6.6 SL 2001
Pseudanthias flavoguttatus Yellow-spotted anthias Indo-West Pacific 10.2 SL 1980
Pseudanthias fucinus Eastern Central Pacific 1985
Pseudanthias georgei George's basslet Eastern Indian Ocean 1976
Pseudanthias hawaiiensis Eastern Central Pacific 7.7 SL 1979
Pseudanthias heemstrai Orangehead anthias Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1989
Pseudanthias hiva Eastern Central Pacific 10.0 SL 2001
Pseudanthias huchtii Red-cheeked fairy basslet Western Central Pacific 12 TL 1857
Pseudanthias hutomoi Hutomo's anthias Western Central Pacific 12 TL 1976
Pseudanthias hypselosoma Stocky anthias Indo-Pacific 19 TL 1878
Pseudanthias ignitus Flame anthias Indo-West Pacific 9 TL 1981
Pseudanthias leucozonus Northwest Pacific 10 SL 1982
Pseudanthias lori Lori's anthias Indo-Pacific Ocean 12 TL 1976
Pseudanthias lunulatus Lunate goldie Indo-West Pacific 8 SL 1973
Pseudanthias luzonensis Yellowlined anthias Oceania and Western Pacif 14.5 TL 1983
Pseudanthias manadensis Western Central Pacific 1856
Pseudanthias marcia Marcia's anthias Western Indian Ocean 16 TL 1993
Pseudanthias mica Mica's anthias Western Central Pacific 5.7 SL 2012
Pseudanthias mooreanus Eastern Central Pacific 7.2 SL 1935
Pseudanthias nobilis Northwest Pacific 1910
Pseudanthias olivaceus Pacific Ocean 12 TL 1982
Pseudanthias oumati Saffron anthias Eastern Central Pacific 5.8 SL 2013
Pseudanthias parvirostris Sunset anthias Indo-West Pacific 7.5 SL 1981
Pseudanthias pascalus Amethyst anthias Pacific Ocean 20 TL 1927
Pseudanthias pictilis Painted anthias Western Pacific 13.5 TL 1978
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia Square-spot fairy basslet Pacific Ocean 20 TL 1857
Pseudanthias privitera Eastern Central Pacific 5.5 SL 2001
Pseudanthias pulcherrimus Resplendent goldie Western Indian Ocean 7 SL 1986
Pseudanthias randalli Randall's fairy basslet Pacific Ocean 9.5 TL 1978
Pseudanthias regalis Eastern Central Pacific 8 TL 1981
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus Red-belted anthias Western Pacific 12 TL 1983
Pseudanthias rubrolineatus Thread-tail basslet Western Central Pacific 9.2 SL 1979
Pseudanthias sheni Shen's basslet Eastern Indian Ocean 10.5 SL 1989
Pseudanthias smithvanizi Princess anthias Indo-Pacific 9.5 TL 1981
Pseudanthias squamipinnis Sea goldie Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1855
Pseudanthias taeniatus Western Indian Ocean 13 TL 1884
Pseudanthias taira Northwest Pacific 10 TL 1931
Pseudanthias thompsoni Hawaiian anthias Pacific Ocean 22 TL 1923
Pseudanthias townsendi Townsend's anthias Western Indian Ocean 9 TL 1897
Pseudanthias tuka Yellowstriped fairy basslet Indo-West Pacific 12 TL 1927
Pseudanthias unimarginatus Western Indian Ocean 5.3 SL 2011
Pseudanthias venator Northwest Pacific 8.2 SL 1911
Pseudanthias ventralis Longfin anthias Pacific Ocean 7 TL 1979
Pseudanthias vizagensis Western Indian Ocean 9.1 TL 2017
Pseudanthias xanthomaculatus Western Central Pacific 1979

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