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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae Minnows or carps
Subfamily: Barbinae
Genus: Luciobarbus

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37 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Luciobarbus albanicus Europe 60 TL 1870
Luciobarbus barbulus barbell Asia. 1847
Luciobarbus biscarensis Africa 15 TL 1911
Luciobarbus bocagei Europe 80 SL 1864
Luciobarbus brachycephalus Aral barbel Europe and Asia 105 TL 1872
Luciobarbus callensis Algerian barb Africa 30 TL 1842
Luciobarbus capito Bulatmai barbel Europe and Asia 105 TL 1773
Luciobarbus caspius Caspian barbel Europe and Asia 120 TL 1914
Luciobarbus comizo Iberian barbel Europe 80 SL 1864
Luciobarbus escherichii Ankara barbell Asia 23 TL 1897
Luciobarbus esocinus Mangar Asia 230 TL 1843
Luciobarbus graecus Europe 50 SL 1895
Luciobarbus graellsii Europe 80 TL 1866
Luciobarbus guercifensis Guercif barbel Africa 14.9 SL 2016
Luciobarbus guiraonis Europe 50 SL 1866
Luciobarbus kersin Kersin barbell Asia 1843
Luciobarbus kottelati Menderes barbel Asia 28 SL 2008
Luciobarbus leptopogon Africa 26 SL 1834
Luciobarbus longiceps Eurasia 70 TL 1842
Luciobarbus lydianus Lydian barbel Asia 23 SL 1896
Luciobarbus maghrebensis Maghreb barbel Africa 170.6 SL 2015
Luciobarbus magniatlantis Africa 13 1919
Luciobarbus microcephalus Europe 40.3 TL 1967
Luciobarbus mursa Mursa Asia. 39.5 TL 1773
Luciobarbus mystaceus Euphrates barbell Asia 1814
Luciobarbus nasus Africa 21 TL 1874
Luciobarbus pallaryi Africa 26 SL 1919
Luciobarbus pectoralis Heckel’s Orontes barbell Asia 22.9 SL 1843
Luciobarbus rabatensis Rabat barbel Africa 13.0 SL 2015
Luciobarbus rifensis Rifian barbel Africa 22.6 SL 2015
Luciobarbus sclateri Andalusian barbel Europe 49.5 FL 1868
Luciobarbus setivimensis Africa 10.2 TL 1842
Luciobarbus steindachneri Europe 40 SL 1967
Luciobarbus subquincunciatus Mesopotamian barbel Asia 60 NG 1868
Luciobarbus xanthopterus Yellowfin barbell Asia 150 TL 1843
Luciobarbus yahyaouii Yahyaoui barbel Africa 18.3 SL 2016
Luciobarbus zayanensis Zayan barbel Africa 17.8 SL 2016

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