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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Beryciformes
Family: Trachichthyidae Slimeheads

Genus: Hoplostethus

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29 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Hoplostethus abramovi Western Indian Ocean 19 SL 1986
Hoplostethus atlanticus Orange roughy Western Atlantic 75 TL 1889
Hoplostethus cadenati Black slimehead Eastern Atlantic 30 TL 1974
Hoplostethus confinis Eastern Indian Ocean 12.3 SL 1980
Hoplostethus crassispinus Northwest Pacific 25.4 SL 1980
Hoplostethus druzhinini Western Indian Ocean 13.1 SL 1986
Hoplostethus fedorovi Western Central Pacific 15.9 SL 1986
Hoplostethus fragilis Chilean roughy Southeast Pacific 1959
Hoplostethus gigas Giant sawbelly Eastern Indian Ocean 52.5 SL 1914
Hoplostethus grandperrini Grandperrin’s giant sawbelly Northwest Pacific 45.5 SL 2012
Hoplostethus japonicus Western Pacific roughy Northwest Pacific 12.6 SL 1879
Hoplostethus latus Palefin sawbelly Eastern Indian Ocean 53 TL 1914
Hoplostethus marisrubri Red Sea roughy Western Indian Ocean 12.2 SL 1986
Hoplostethus mediterraneus Mediterranean slimehead Cosmopolitan. Atlantic. I 42 SL 1829
Hoplostethus melanopeza New Zealand giant sawbelly South Pacific 51.5 SL 2012
Hoplostethus melanopterus Blackfin roughy Western Central Pacific 14 TL 1938
Hoplostethus melanopus Smallscale slimehead Indo-West Pacific 25 TL 1913
Hoplostethus mento Slimy head Eastern Pacific 12 TL 1899
Hoplostethus metallicus Metallic roughy Western Central Pacific 1938
Hoplostethus mikhailini Southeast Atlantic and We 14.7 SL 1986
Hoplostethus occidentalis Atlantic Roughy Atlantic Ocean 17.3 SL 1973
Hoplostethus pacificus Eastern Pacific roughy Southeast Pacific 1899
Hoplostethus ravurictus Eastern Indian Ocean 14.1 SL 2008
Hoplostethus rifti Western Indian Ocean 7.5 SL 1986
Hoplostethus robustispinus Thickspine roughy Northwestern Pacific 35.4 SL 2010
Hoplostethus rubellopterus Indian Ocean 10.5 SL 1980
Hoplostethus shubnikovi Metavay sawbelly Indian Ocean 20.3 SL 1980
Hoplostethus tenebricus Western Indian Ocean 21 TL 1980
Hoplostethus vniro Eastern Central Atlantic. 19.6 SL 1995

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