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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Siluriformes
Family: Bagridae Bagrid catfishes

Genus: Hemibagrus

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41 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Hemibagrus amemiyai Asia 1934
Hemibagrus baramensis Asia 24 SL 1906
Hemibagrus bongan Asia. 1904
Hemibagrus camthuyensis Asia 2005
Hemibagrus caveatus Asia 2001
Hemibagrus centralus Asia 1978
Hemibagrus chiemhoaensis Asia 2005
Hemibagrus chrysops Asia 1999
Hemibagrus divaricatus Asia 30.8 SL 2013
Hemibagrus dongbacensis Asia 2005
Hemibagrus filamentus Asia 50 TL 1949
Hemibagrus fortis Asia 1904
Hemibagrus furcatus Asia 15 SL 2000
Hemibagrus gracilis Asia 40.5 SL 1995
Hemibagrus guttatus Asia 73.1 SL 1803
Hemibagrus hainanensis Asia 1935
Hemibagrus hoevenii Asia 35 SL 1846
Hemibagrus hongus Asia 1978
Hemibagrus imbrifer Asia 18.7 SL 2000
Hemibagrus johorensis Asia 1940
Hemibagrus lacustrinus Asia 22.3 SL 2013
Hemibagrus macropterus Asia 54.2 TL 1870
Hemibagrus maydelli Asia 165 TL 1964
Hemibagrus menoda Menoda catfish Asia 45 TL 1822
Hemibagrus microphthalmus Asia 150 NG 1877
Hemibagrus nemurus Asian redtail catfish Asia 65 SL 1840
Hemibagrus olyroides Asia 20.2 SL 1989
Hemibagrus peguensis Asia 29.1 SL 1894
Hemibagrus planiceps Asia 33.5 TL 1840
Hemibagrus pluriradiatus Asia 21.6 SL 1892
Hemibagrus punctatus Asia 45 TL 1849
Hemibagrus sabanus Asia 20 SL 1959
Hemibagrus semotus Asia 19.9 SL 2013
Hemibagrus songdaensis Asia 2005
Hemibagrus spilopterus Asia 30.9 SL 1999
Hemibagrus taybacensis Asia 2005
Hemibagrus variegatus Asia 80 NG 2000
Hemibagrus velox Asia 35.7 SL 2000
Hemibagrus vietnamicus Asia 1978
Hemibagrus wyckii Asia 71 SL 1858
Hemibagrus wyckioides Asia 130 TL 1949

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