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Class: Myxini
Order: Myxiniformes
Family: Myxinidae Hagfishes
Subfamily: Eptatretinae
Genus: Eptatretus

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Eptatretus aceroi Caribbean 58.4 TL 2014
Eptatretus alastairi Eastern Indian Ocean 49.5 TL 2010
Eptatretus ancon Western Central Atlantic 22.0 TL 2001
Eptatretus astrolabium Western Pacific 40 TL 2010
Eptatretus atami Brown hagfish Northwest Pacific 61 TL 1904
Eptatretus bischoffii Southeast Pacific 55 TL 1880
Eptatretus bobwisneri Southeast Pacific 35.6 TL 2013
Eptatretus burgeri Inshore hagfish Northwest Pacific 60 TL 1855
Eptatretus caribbeaus Western Central Atlantic 38.5 TL 1982
Eptatretus carlhubbsi Giant hagfish Pacific Ocean 116 TL 1984
Eptatretus cheni Northwest Pacific 37.7 TL 1975
Eptatretus chinensis Western Pacific 37.5 TL 1994
Eptatretus cirrhatus Broadgilled hagfish Western Pacific 97 TL 1801
Eptatretus cryptus Cryptic hagfish Western Pacific 93.1 TL 2015
Eptatretus deani Black hagfish Eastern Pacific 63.5 TL 1907
Eptatretus fernholmi Northwest Pacific 29.5 TL 1994
Eptatretus fritzi Guadalupe hagfish Eastern Pacific 59.2 TL 1990
Eptatretus goliath Goliath hagfish Southwest Pacific 127.5 TL 2006
Eptatretus gomoni Eastern Indian Ocean 79 TL 2010
Eptatretus grouseri Southeast Pacific 37.8 TL 1999
Eptatretus hexatrema Sixgill hagfish Southeast Atlantic 80 TL 1836
Eptatretus indrambaryai Indian Ocean 43.7 TL 1984
Eptatretus laurahubbsae Southeast Pacific 37.5 TL 1984
Eptatretus longipinnis Longfinned hagfish Eastern Indian Ocean 62.7 TL 1975
Eptatretus luzonicus Western Pacific 56.3 TL 2013
Eptatretus mcconnaugheyi Shorthead hagfish Eastern Central Pacific 48.2 TL 1990
Eptatretus mccoskeri Southeast Pacific 32 TL 1999
Eptatretus mendozai Western Atlantic 45 TL 1985
Eptatretus menezesi Southwest Atlantic 73.7 TL 2000
Eptatretus minor Western Central Atlantic 39.5 TL 1981
Eptatretus moki Northwest Pacific 47 TL 2004
Eptatretus multidens Western Atlantic 81.5 TL 1981
Eptatretus nanii Southeast Pacific 66.4 TL 1988
Eptatretus nelsoni Northwest Pacific 25.9 TL 1994
Eptatretus octatrema Eightgill hagfish Southeast Atlantic 30 TL 1923
Eptatretus okinoseanus Northwest Pacific 80 TL 1904
Eptatretus poicilus Mottled hagfish Western Pacific 92.1 TL 2015
Eptatretus polytrema Fourteen-gill hagfish Southeast Pacific 93 TL 1855
Eptatretus profundus Fivegill hagfish Southeast Atlantic 62 TL 1923
Eptatretus sheni Northwest Pacific 43 TL 1994
Eptatretus sinus Cortez hagfish Eastern Central Pacific 48.1 TL 1990
Eptatretus springeri Gulf hagfish Western Central Atlantic 59 TL 1952
Eptatretus stoutii Pacific hagfish Eastern Pacific 63.5 TL 1878
Eptatretus strahani Western Central Pacific 62 TL 1984
Eptatretus strickrotti Strickrott's hagfish South eastern Pacific 31.4 2007
Eptatretus taiwanae Northwest Pacific 33.4 TL 1975
Eptatretus walkeri Northwest Pacific 51.8 TL 2004
Eptatretus wayuu Western Atlantic 21.6 TL 2001
Eptatretus wisneri Northwest Pacific 33.5 TL 1994
Eptatretus yangi Northwest Pacific 29.6 TL 1958

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