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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Siluriformes
Family: Claroteidae Claroteid catfishes
Subfamily: Claroteinae
Genus: Chrysichthys

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42 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Chrysichthys acsiorum Africa 24.3 SL 2008
Chrysichthys aluuensis Africa 9.1 SL 1985
Chrysichthys ansorgii Africa 30 TL 1910
Chrysichthys auratus Africa 57 TL 1809
Chrysichthys bocagii Africa 21.9 TL 1910
Chrysichthys brachynema Kibonde Africa 77 TL 1900
Chrysichthys brevibarbis Africa 40 SL 1899
Chrysichthys cranchii Kokuni Africa 150 TL 1818
Chrysichthys dageti Africa 30.4 SL 1992
Chrysichthys delhezi Africa 23.2 SL 1899
Chrysichthys dendrophorus Africa 60 TL 1966
Chrysichthys depressus Africa 19.5 SL 1917
Chrysichthys duttoni Africa 27.3 TL 1905
Chrysichthys habereri Africa 29 SL 1912
Chrysichthys helicophagus Africa 18 SL 1976
Chrysichthys hildae Hilda's grunter Africa 11.8 SL 1973
Chrysichthys johnelsi Africa 33 SL 1959
Chrysichthys laticeps Africa 126 TL 1932
Chrysichthys levequei Africa 16.2 SL 1988
Chrysichthys longibarbis Africa 25 SL 1899
Chrysichthys longidorsalis Africa 31.2 SL 1981
Chrysichthys longipinnis Aluminum catfish Africa 70 SL 1899
Chrysichthys mabusi Africa 41 SL 1905
Chrysichthys macropterus Africa 28.4 SL 1920
Chrysichthys maurus Africa 51 SL 1840
Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Bagrid catfish Africa 65 SL 1803
Chrysichthys nyongensis Africa 23.1 SL 1985
Chrysichthys ogooensis Africa 24.2 SL 1900
Chrysichthys okae Africa 8 SL 1949
Chrysichthys ornatus Ornate bagrid Africa 25.2 SL 1902
Chrysichthys polli Africa 11.2 SL 1987
Chrysichthys praecox Africa 6.3 SL 2008
Chrysichthys punctatus Africa 15.5 SL 1899
Chrysichthys rueppelli Africa 20 SL 1907
Chrysichthys sharpii Shovelnose catfish Africa 37 TL 1901
Chrysichthys teugelsi Africa 15 SL 1987
Chrysichthys thonneri Africa 50 SL 1912
Chrysichthys thysi Africa 30 SL 1985
Chrysichthys turkana Africa 9.3 SL 2008
Chrysichthys uniformis Africa 33 TL 1922
Chrysichthys wagenaari Africa 70 TL 1899
Chrysichthys walkeri Africa 11.5 SL 1899

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