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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Labridae Wrasses
Subfamily: Bodianinae
Genus: Bodianus

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45 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Bodianus albotaeniatus Eastern Central Pacific 32.8 SL 1839
Bodianus anthioides Lyretail hogfish Indo-Pacific 24 SL 1832
Bodianus atrolumbus Palebar hogfish Western Indian Ocean 30.7 SL 1839
Bodianus axillaris Axilspot hogfish Indo-Pacific 20 SL 1832
Bodianus bathycapros Central Pacific 45.6 SL 2006
Bodianus bennetti Lemon-striped pygmy hogfish Western Pacific 10.9 SL 2016
Bodianus bilunulatus Tarry hogfish Indo-West Pacific 55 TL 1801
Bodianus bimaculatus Twospot hogfish Indo-Pacific 5.9 SL 1973
Bodianus busellatus Central Pacific 2006
Bodianus cylindriatus Western Pacific 14.2 SL 1930
Bodianus diana Diana's hogfish Indian Ocean 16.9 SL 1801
Bodianus dictynna Redfin hogfish Western Pacific 14.4 SL 2006
Bodianus diplotaenia Mexican hogfish Eastern Pacific 76 TL 1862
Bodianus eclancheri Harlequin wrasse Southeast Pacific 61 TL 1846
Bodianus flavifrons Masked pigfish Southwest Pacific 42.2 SL 2001
Bodianus flavipinnis Yellowfin pigfish Southwest Pacific 36.8 SL 2001
Bodianus frenchii Foxfish Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1879
Bodianus insularis Island hogfish Eastern Atlantic 33 TL 1980
Bodianus izuensis Striped pigfish Western Pacific 10 SL 1975
Bodianus leucosticticus Lined hogfish Indo-West Pacific 24.2 SL 1832
Bodianus loxozonus Blackfin hogfish Western Pacific 47 TL 1908
Bodianus macrognathos Giant hogfish Western Indian Ocean 62 TL 1974
Bodianus macrourus Black-banded hogfish Western Indian Ocean 32 TL 1801
Bodianus masudai Western Pacific 12 SL 1975
Bodianus mesothorax Splitlevel hogfish Western Pacific between W 25 TL 1801
Bodianus neilli Bay of Bengal hogfish Indian Ocean 20 TL 1867
Bodianus neopercularis Western Pacific 9.7 SL 2006
Bodianus opercularis Blackspot hogfish Indian Ocean 18 TL 1847
Bodianus oxycephalus Northwestern Pacific 29 SL 1862
Bodianus paraleucosticticus Western Pacific 9.9 SL 2006
Bodianus perditio Golden-spot hogfish Pacific Ocean 80 SL 1834
Bodianus prognathus Eastern Central Pacific 17.9 SL 1981
Bodianus pulchellus Spotfin hogfish Western Atlantic 28.5 TL 1860
Bodianus rubrisos Red-sashed hogfish Western Pacific 20.2 SL 2006
Bodianus rufus Spanish hogfish Western Atlantic 40 TL 1758
Bodianus sanguineus Sunrise wrasse Eastern Central Pacific 19 SL 1903
Bodianus scrofa Barred hogfish Eastern Atlantic 51 TL 1839
Bodianus sepiacaudus Crescent-tail hogfish Western Central Pacific 8.7 SL 2006
Bodianus solatus Sunburnt pigfish Eastern Indian Ocean 35 SL 2006
Bodianus speciosus Blackbar hogfish Eastern Central Atlantic 50 SL 1825
Bodianus tanyokidus Indo-West Pacific, Comoro 17.7 SL 1981
Bodianus thoracotaeniatus Northwest Pacific 14.8 SL 1982
Bodianus trilineatus Fourline hogfish Western Indian Ocean 28 TL 1934
Bodianus unimaculatus Red pigfish Southwest Pacific 50 TL 1862
Bodianus vulpinus Western pigfish Eastern Indian Ocean 43.5 SL 1850

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