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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cyprinodontiformes
Family: Cyprinodontidae Pupfishes
Subfamily: Cyprinodontinae
Genus: Aphanius

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34 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Aphanius almiriensis Europe 3.9 SL 2007
Aphanius anatoliae Anatolian giant killifish Asia 5 TL 1912
Aphanius apodus Africa 5 TL 1853
Aphanius arakensis Arak tooth-carp Asia 4.1 TL 2012
Aphanius asquamatus Scaleless killifish Asia 4 TL 1942
Aphanius baeticus Europe 3 SL 2002
Aphanius burdurensis Asia 1946
Aphanius chantrei Asia 7 TL 1895
Aphanius danfordii Danford’s killifish Asia 5 TL 1890
Aphanius darabensis Asia 3.9 SL 2014
Aphanius desioi Africa 5 TL 1933
Aphanius dispar Arabian pupfish Indian Ocean 7 TL 1829
Aphanius farsicus Farsi tooth-carp Western Indian Ocean 4.9 TL 2011
Aphanius fasciatus Mediterranean banded killifish Europe 6 TL 1821
Aphanius furcatus Asia 3.3 SL 2014
Aphanius ginaonis Asia 7 TL 1929
Aphanius iberus Spanish toothcarp Europe 5.5 TL 1846
Aphanius isfahanensis Asia 4.3 TL 2006
Aphanius kavirensis Asia 4.2 SL 2014
Aphanius marassantensis K?z?l?rmak killifish Asia 5.5 SL 2014
Aphanius mento Pearl-spotted killifish Asia 5 TL 1843
Aphanius mesopotamicus Mesopotamian tooth-carp Asia 2.9 SL 2009
Aphanius pluristriatus Asia 2.8 TL 1910
Aphanius punctatus Asia 1847
Aphanius saourensis Sahara aphanius Africa 3.4 SL 2006
Aphanius shirini Asia 3.6 SL 2014
Aphanius sirhani Eurasia 5 TL 1983
Aphanius sophiae Asia 5.8 TL 1847
Aphanius splendens Splendid killifish Asia 6.0 TL 1945
Aphanius stiassnyae Lake Afdera killifish Africa 7.7 SL 2001
Aphanius sureyanus Sureyan killifish Asia 5 TL 1937
Aphanius transgrediens Acipinar killifish Asia 5.4 TL 1946
Aphanius villwocki Villwock’s killifish Asia 7.0 TL 2003
Aphanius vladykovi Asia 7.6 TL 1988

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