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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae Minnows or carps
Subfamily: Alburninae
Genus: Alburnus

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48 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Alburnus adanensis Adana bleak Asia 22 TL 1944
Alburnus akili Beysehir bleak Asia 1.5 SL 1942
Alburnus albidus Italian bleak Europe 11 SL 1838
Alburnus alburnus Bleak Europe and Asia 25 TL 1758
Alburnus amirkabiri Amirkabir's bleak Asia 11.7 SL 2015
Alburnus arborella Europe 12.7 TL 1841
Alburnus atropatenae Asia 13.9 TL 1925
Alburnus attalus Bak?r shemaya Asia 10.0 SL 2007
Alburnus baliki Antalya bleak Asia 6.1 SL 2000
Alburnus battalgilae Gediz shemaya Asia 10.8 SL 2007
Alburnus belvica Europe 22 FL 1924
Alburnus caeruleus Tigris bleak Asia 9.2 TL 1843
Alburnus carinatus Manyas shemaya Asia 18.1 SL 1941
Alburnus chalcoides Danube bleak Europe and Asia 40 TL 1772
Alburnus danubicus Europe 20 SL 1909
Alburnus demiri Eastern Aegean bleak Asia 9.4 SL 2008
Alburnus derjugini Georgian shemaya Europe and Asia 10.8 SL 1923
Alburnus doriae Asia. 1865
Alburnus escherichii Caucasian bleak Asia 10.2 SL 1897
Alburnus filippii Kura bleak Former USSR 16 TL 1877
Alburnus heckeli Hazar bleak Asia 11.9 SL 1943
Alburnus hohenackeri North Caucasian bleak Europe and Asia 15 SL 1877
Alburnus istanbulensis Asia 18 SL 1941
Alburnus kotschyi Arsuz bleak Asia 1863
Alburnus leobergi Europe 40.3 TL 2007
Alburnus macedonicus Europe 14.5 SL 1928
Alburnus mandrensis Europe 19.2 SL 1943
Alburnus maximus Europe 15.9 TL 1882
Alburnus mento Europe 40 SL 1836
Alburnus mentoides Europe 13 SL 1859
Alburnus mossulensis Mossul bleak Asia 16.6 SL 1843
Alburnus nasreddini Eber bleak Asia 9.8 SL 1943
Alburnus neretvae Europe 11.9 SL 2010
Alburnus nicaeensis Iznik shemaya Asia 14.6 SL 1941
Alburnus orontis Orontes bleak Asia 9.1 SL 1882
Alburnus qalilus Asia 9.4 TL 1992
Alburnus sarmaticus Europe 25 SL 2007
Alburnus sava Europe 21.8 SL 2017
Alburnus schischkovi Black Sea bleak Europe and Asia 21 SL 1943
Alburnus scoranza Europe 17.9 TL 1857
Alburnus selcuklui Asia 11.6 SL 2015
Alburnus sellal Sellal bleak Asia 11.0 SL 1843
Alburnus tarichi Tarek Asia 20.2 SL 1814
Alburnus thessalicus Europe 15.5 TL 1950
Alburnus timarensis Asia 10.8 SL 1980
Alburnus vistonicus Europe 21.7 SL 2007
Alburnus volviticus Europe 30 TL 2007
Alburnus zagrosensis Asia 13.0 TL 2009

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