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Family: Malacanthidae Tilefishes

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Branchiostegus albus Northwest Pacific 45 TL 1978
Branchiostegus argentatus Western Pacific 27.3 SL 1830
Branchiostegus auratus Western Pacific 30 TL 1907
Branchiostegus australiensis Australian tilefish Indo-West Pacific 26.6 SL 1988
Branchiostegus doliatus Ribbed tilefish Western Indian Ocean 40 TL 1830
Branchiostegus gloerfelti Indo-West Pacific 24 SL 1988
Branchiostegus hedlandensis Port Hedland tilefish Eastern Indian Ocean 26 SL 1988
Branchiostegus ilocanus Western Central Pacific 27 SL 1928
Branchiostegus japonicus Horsehead tilefish Western Pacific 46 TL 1782
Branchiostegus paxtoni Paxton's tilefish Eastern Indian Ocean 25.5 SL 1988
Branchiostegus saitoi Pacific Ocean 32.9 SL 2012
Branchiostegus sawakinensis Freckled tilefish Indo-West Pacific 60 TL 1969
Branchiostegus semifasciatus Zebra tilefish Eastern Atlantic 60 TL 1931
Branchiostegus serratus Australian barred tilefish Western Pacific 28.5 SL 1975
Branchiostegus vittatus Western Pacific 24 SL 1926
Branchiostegus wardi Ward's tilefish Western Pacific 40 SL 1932
Caulolatilus affinis Bighead tilefish Eastern Pacific 49.5 TL 1865
Caulolatilus bermudensis Bermuda tilefish Western Central Atlantic 40.7 TL 1981
Caulolatilus chrysops Atlantic goldeneye tilefish Western Atlantic 60 TL 1833
Caulolatilus cyanops Blackline tilefish Western Atlantic 60 TL 1866
Caulolatilus dooleyi Bankslope tilefish Western Central Atlantic 35 TL 1978
Caulolatilus guppyi Reticulated tilefish Western Central Atlantic 35 TL 1937
Caulolatilus hubbsi Hubbs' tilefish Eastern Pacific 36 SL 1978
Caulolatilus intermedius Gulf bareye tilefish Western Central Atlantic 60 TL 1936
Caulolatilus microps Grey tilefish Western Atlantic 90 TL 1878
Caulolatilus princeps Ocean whitefish Eastern Pacific 102 TL 1840
Caulolatilus williamsi Yellowbar tilefish Western Central Atlantic 46.9 TL 1977
Hoplolatilus chlupatyi Chameleon sand tilefish Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1978
Hoplolatilus cuniculus Dusky tilefish Indo-Pacific 16 TL 1974
Hoplolatilus erdmanni Triton tilefish Western Pacific 16 TL 2007
Hoplolatilus fourmanoiri Yellow-spotted tilefish Western Pacific 14 TL 1964
Hoplolatilus fronticinctus Pastel tilefish Indo-West Pacific 21 TL 1887
Hoplolatilus geo Western Indian Ocean 1982
Hoplolatilus luteus Yellow tilefish Indo-West Pacific 13 TL 1989
Hoplolatilus marcosi Redback sand tilefish Indo-Pacific 12 TL 1978
Hoplolatilus oreni Western Indian Ocean 14.1 SL 1973
Hoplolatilus pohle Pohle's tilefish Western Pacific 11 SL 1997
Hoplolatilus purpureus Purple sand tilefish Indo West Pacific 13 TL 1978
Hoplolatilus randalli Randall’s tilefish Indo West Pacific 15.4 SL 2010
Hoplolatilus starcki Stark's tilefish Indo Pacific 15.5 TL 1974
Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps Great northern tilefish Western Atlantic 125 TL 1879
Lopholatilus villarii Tile fish Southwest Atlantic 107 TL 1915
Malacanthus brevirostris Quakerfish Indo-Pacific 32 TL 1848
Malacanthus latovittatus Blue blanquillo Indo-Pacific 45 SL 1801
Malacanthus plumieri Sand tilefish Western Atlantic 70 SL 1786

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