More information on Pseudomonas infection
Main Ref: 41805  
Disease type: Bacterial diseases  
Disease name: Pseudomonas infection  
Other names: Aeromonas-infection  
Caus. agent: Pseudomonas sp.  
Part of body and/or behavior affected by disease:
 Skins and/or fins  Belly  Swimming behavior
 Gills  Anus  Other behavior
 Eyes  Viscera Afflicted  Other symptoms
Fish affected:    
Symptoms: Swollen belly (dropsy, ascites), it is caused by fluid filling the belly. Also the scales may be raised with the appearance of reddish or pale patches or sores (ulcers) on the skin. Fin- and tail rot may occur together with other symptoms. The fish seperates from the group, it either rests at the bottom or at the surface. Respiration is difficult and exhibits an erratic swimming behavior.  
Treatments: Can be treated with different anti-microbial medicines such as Tetracycline (Dose: 3-4 gm/100 l for 2-3 days, Water change after treatment), Neomycine (Dose: 2-4 gm/100 l for 3 days, do a 30-50% water change afterwards), Furaltadone, Nitrofurazone (Dose: 250-500 mg/100 l for 3 days, at least 50% water change after treatment), Nifurpirinol (Dose: 10-15 mg/100 l for an unlimited time (or as instructed)), Sulfonamides or Quinolones (Oxilinic Acid/Naladixic Acid/Ciprofloxacine/Flumequine Dose: 500 mg/L for 1 hour 100-200 mg/100L for 1-2 days Mixed in the food: 250-500 mg/100 gm food, to be fed during 5-7 days).  
Prophylaxis: It is advised for prophylactic treatment the use of erythromycin, nifurpirinol or tetracycline (Ref. 41806)  
Remarks: Some strains of Pseudomonas and Aeromonas have been found resistant to certain antiobiotics. This disease can also be caused by Corynebacterium sp. and the kidneys are often affected causing fluid retention (Ref. 41806).  
Mortality and seasonality
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