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Pholis ornata  in British Columbia, Canada
Main ref. (6885). Hart, J.L., 1973. Pacific fishes of Canada. Bull. Fish. Res. Board Can. 180:740 p. 
Status: native 
Abundance: common (usually seen) 
Comments: Recorded from Fort Rupert, Union Bay, Departure Bay, Burrard Inlet, and Victoria (Ref. 4925); also in Saanich Inlet (Ref. 95120). Occurs in Ross Islets, Barkley Sound (Ref. 95110). First definite locality record is based on a specimen taken from the Houston-Stewart Channel in 1885 by Dr. G.M. Dawson and recorded in 1920 by B.A. Bean and A.C. Weed (Ref. 4925). In range Ref. 2850.