Galeocerdo cuvier, Tiger shark : fisheries, gamefish

Galeocerdo cuvier (Péron & Lesueur, 1822)

Tiger shark
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Image of Galeocerdo cuvier (Tiger shark)
Galeocerdo cuvier
Picture by Béarez, P.

分类 / Names 俗名 | 同种异名 | Catalog of Fishes (gen., sp.) | ITIS | CoL | WoRMS | Cloffa

Elasmobranchii 板鳃亚纲 (鲨鱼与 鱼) (sharks and rays) > Carcharhiniformes (Ground sharks) 白眼鮫目 (Ground sharks) > Carcharhinidae (Requiem sharks) 白眼鮫科 (Requiem sharks)
Etymology: Galeocerdo: Greek, galeos = a shark + latin, cerdus = the hard hairs of pigs (Ref. 45335).  More on authors: Péron & Lesueur.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range 生态学

; 海洋; 半咸淡水 底中水层性; 海洋洄游的 (Ref. 51243); 深度上下限 0 - 800 m (Ref. 96339), usually 0 - 140 m (Ref. 26938).   亚热带的; 62°N - 44°S, 180°W - 180°E

分布 国家 | FAO区域 | 生态系 | 标本纪录 | Point map | 简介 | Faunafri

Circumglobal in tropical and temperate seas. Western Atlantic: Massachusetts, USA to Uruguay, including Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Eastern Atlantic: Iceland to Angola. Indo-Pacific: Persian Gulf (Ref. 68964), Red Sea and East Africa to Hawaii and Tahiti, north to southern Japan, south to New Zealand. Eastern Pacific: southern California, USA to Peru, including the Revillagigedo, Cocos, and Galapagos islands. Highly migratory species, Annex I of the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea (Ref. 26139).
沿着赤道与温带的海洋环球分布。 西大西洋: 美国麻萨诸塞州到乌拉圭, 包括墨西哥湾与加勒比海。 东大西洋: 冰岛到安哥拉。 印度-太平洋: 红海而且东非到夏威夷与大溪地岛, 北至日本南部, 南至纽西兰。 东太平洋: 美国的南加州到秘鲁, 包括雷维拉吉哥多岛,可可岛与加拉巴哥群岛。 高度迁移的种, 1982年海事法会议的附件一.(参考文献 26139)

Length at first maturity / 大小 / 重量 / 年龄

Maturity: Lm ?, range 210 - 350 cm
Max length : 750 cm TL 雄鱼/尚未辨别雌雄; (Ref. 58784); common length : 500 cm TL 雄鱼/尚未辨别雌雄; (Ref. 2683); 最大体重: 807.4 kg (Ref. 4699); 最大年龄: 50 年 (Ref. 4827)

简单描述 型态特徵 | 形态测量图

背棘 (总数): 0; 背的软条 (总数): 0; 臀棘 0; 臀鳍软条: 0. This species is a huge, vertical tiger-striped shark with a very short or broad, bluntly rounded snout (its length much less than width of mouth), long upper labial furrows (about as long as snout, reaching front of eyes), a big mouth with large, saw-edged, cockscomb-shaped teeth (coarsely serrated with outer edges deeply notched and tips directed obliquely outward); spiracles small, slit-like, but easily visible, caudal keels low. Colour of back dark grey or greyish brown with vertical dark grey to black bars and rectangular spots often forming bars on sides and fins, but fading with growth (Ref. 5578, 9997).
极大, 纵长的虎班鲨鱼有宽, 钝地圆的吻,长的上面唇沟, 与一大的嘴部具有大的,边缘锯状的, 鸡冠-形状的齿; 呼吸孔呈现; 尾部的龙骨脊低的.(参考文献 5578) 背面灰色的有垂直的深灰色的到黑色的横带与出现暗淡的当成鱼时的斑点, 腹面白色的.(参考文献 5578)

生物学特性     字汇 (例如 epibenthic)

Usually found near surface to depths of 140 m (Ref. 26938); in Tahiti from 0-350m (Ref. 89972) . Occurs on or adjacent to continental and insular shelves, frequenting river estuaries, off wharves and jetties in harbors, and in coral atolls and lagoons (Ref. 244). Bottom-associated, sometimes pelagic (Ref. 58302). Also off oceanic islands far from other islands and continental land masses (Ref. 244). Makes excursions in the open ocean, but is not a truly oceanic species (Ref. 244). Nocturnal feeder on other sharks, rays, bony fishes, marine mammals, tortoises, seabirds, sea snakes, squids, gastropods, crustaceans, detritus (Ref. 9997), also including toxic or armored fish species such as Lactoria cornuta or Diodon hystrix, porpoises, whales, sea turtles, cephalopods, domestic animals and humans (Ref. 37816). It also feeds on carrion and garbage, including cans, pieces of metal and burlap bags (Ref. 26938). Second only to Carcharodon carcharias in recorded attacks on humans with at least 27 documented attacks sourced to it . One specimen, reportedly taken off Indo-China, weighed 3,110 kg and measured 740 cm (Ref. 9987). May be kept in an aquaria, but does not last for more than a few months (Ref. 244). Ovoviviparous (Ref. 50449). Up to 80 young of 51 to 104 cm are born per litter (Ref. 1602). Valued for its meat, fins, hide and liver oil (Ref. 9997) and also for its jaws and cartilage (Ref. 58048). Often used for fishmeal (Ref. 9997). Utilized fresh, dried-salted, smoked and frozen (Ref. 9987). Species from the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea has a max size of 750 cm TL (Ref. 47613).

通常发现于表面到深度 140 公尺附近。 (参考文献 26938) 生活于或者邻近大陆架与岛屿棚,在港湾中常出现于河口,外海的码头与突堤, 与在珊瑚环礁与泻湖中.(参考文献 244) 大洋性岛屿外也远离其他的岛与大陆板块。 (参考文献 244) 在开放性海域中短距离巡游, 但是不是一个真正的大洋性鱼种.(参考文献 244) 夜行的捕食其他的鲨鱼, ,硬骨鱼类,海洋哺乳动物,龟,海鸟,海蛇,乌贼,腹足动物,甲壳动物,碎屑 (参考文献 9997), 也包括有毒或武装的鱼种例如 角箱 [Lactoria cornuta] 密斑二齿 [Diodon hystrix] ,鼠海豚,鲸,海龟,头足类动物,家畜与人类.(参考文献 37816) 它也吃腐肉与垃圾,包括能, 金属片与麻布袋.(参考文献 26938) 仅次于在对人类的攻击记录中的 食人鲛[Carcharodon carcharias] 以至少, 27个攻击记录文件对它来源。 一件标本,据报告采自印度支那外,秤重了 3,110 公斤而且有 740 公分长。 (参考文献 9987) 可能是保存于一个水族馆, 但是不会持续超过个月.(参考文献 244) 卵胎生的.(参考文献 50449) 高达 80个幼鱼 51 对 104 cm 出生每胎.(参考文献 1602) 重要的是它的肉 , 鳍, 隐藏与肝油.(参考文献 9997) 时常制成鱼浆.(参考文献 9997) 生鲜使用 , 乾燥盐腌, 烟熏了与冷冻的.(参考文献 9987) 种从波斯湾与阿曼海洋有一个最大体长 750 公分TL 。 (参考文献 47613)

Life cycle and mating behavior 成熟度 | 繁殖 | 产卵场 | | 孕卵数 | 仔鱼

Ovoviviparous (Ref. 4805, 6871) with 10-82 in a litter (Ref. 26346). Mating takes place even before gravid females have given birth (Ref. 244). Distinct pairing with embrace (Ref. 205). Gestation period: 13-16 months. Size at birth between 51 (Ref. 244) and 104 (Ref. 9997) cm TL; born at about 51-76 cm TL (Ref. 58048).沿着赤道与温带的海洋环球分布。 西大西洋: 美国麻萨诸塞州到乌拉圭, 包括墨西哥湾与加勒比海。 东大西洋: 冰岛到安哥拉。 印度-太平洋: 红海而且东非到夏威夷与大溪地岛, 北至日本南部, 南至纽西兰。 东太平洋: 美国的南加州到秘鲁, 包括雷维拉吉哥多岛,可可岛与加拉巴哥群岛。 高度迁移的种, 1982年海事法会议的附件一.(参考文献 26139)

主要参考文献 Upload your references | 参考文献 | 合作者 : Compagno, Leonard J.V. | 合作者

Compagno, L.J.V., 1984. FAO Species Catalogue. Vol. 4. Sharks of the world. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of shark species known to date. Part 2 - Carcharhiniformes. FAO Fish. Synop. 125(4/2):251-655. Rome: FAO. (Ref. 244)

世界自然保护联盟红皮书 (Ref. 120744)

  临近濒危 (NT) ; Date assessed: 01 October 2005

CITES (Ref. 118484)

Not Evaluated

CMS (Ref. 116361)

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  引起创伤的 (Ref. 244)


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Estimates based on models

Preferred temperature (Ref. 115969): 15.8 - 28.9, mean 26.4 (based on 6872 cells).
Phylogenetic diversity index (Ref. 82805):  PD50 = 1.0000   [Uniqueness, from 0.5 = low to 2.0 = high].
Bayesian length-weight: a=0.00380 (0.00247 - 0.00585), b=3.15 (3.03 - 3.27), in cm Total Length, based on LWR estimates for this species & (Sub)family-body (Ref. 93245).
营养阶层 (Ref. 69278):  4.5   ±0.0 se; Based on diet studies.
Generation time: 10.3 ( na - na) years. Estimated as median LN(3)/K based on 2 growth studies.
回复力 (Ref. 120179):  低的, 最小族群倍增时间4.5 - 14 年 (tm=4-11; tmax=50; K=0.18-0.6; Fec=10).
Prior r = 0.27, 95% CL = 0.12 - 0.63, Based on 1 stock assessment.
脆弱性 (Ref. 59153):  High vulnerability (64 of 100) .
价格分类 (Ref. 80766):   Medium.