Sponsors and Supporters of FishBase

FishBase aims to make all relevant information on all fishes of the world available for free on the Internet. This ambitious task is achieved through a network of international partners coordinated by a Consortium of currently nine (10) scientific institutions ( CAFS, AUTh, FAO, IOF-UBC, WorldFish , GEOMAR, MNHM, MRAC, NRM, UFS ) who are providing support for this work. The bulk of data entry and maintenance is done by a team of specialists based in the Philippines. Funding for this team comes from research and development projects secured by Consortium partners and supported by our donors. FishBase also accepts donations from private sponsors and in recognition shows their logo and link in selected Species Summary pages. Sponsorships start at $100 or 80 EUR per species per year. Please contact the FishBase Coordinator if you are interested in becoming a FishBase sponsor.

Past and Present Sponsors and Supporters:

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