Fecundity of Thunnus thynnus
Main Ref: Muus, B.J. and J.G. Nielsen, 1999
Locality: Eastern Atlantic (West Mediterranean, off Strait of Gibraltar)
Absolute Fecundity Fecundity Type: 
  min   10,000,000 (g) (cm)   Ref: Muus, B.J. and J.G. Nielsen, 1999
  max     (g) (cm)  
  mean     (g) (cm)  
Comments on Fecundity:
Relative Fecundity
Min: Ref.:
Mean: Ref.:
Max: Ref.:
Fecundity/length relationship ( F = a * L ^b):
  Size: (cm)  
  a: 95% confidence limit:  
  b: 95% confidence limit:  
Spawning Cycles: (1/y)   Ref:
Comments: After spawning, emanciated adults undertake extensive migrations in search of food, mainly off Norway and Scotland, in the North Sea and Kattegat. Occasionally in the Baltic Sea (Ref. 35388).
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