List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 27
Species Name Used in Reference
Upeneus asymmetricus Lachner, 1954 Upeneus asymmetricus (p. 38,63;tab.2)
Upeneus australiae Kim & Nakaya, 2002 Upeneus australiae (p. 38)
Upeneus davidaromi Golani, 2001 Upeneus davidaromi (p. 38,40;tab.3,8;pl.1,3)
Upeneus doriae (Günther, 1869) Upeneus doriae (p. 38,42;tab.3,7;pl.1,3)
Upeneus filifer (Ogilby, 1910) Upeneus filifer (p. 38)
Upeneus francisi Randall & Guézé, 1992 Upeneus francisi (p. 38)
Upeneus guttatus (Day, 1868) Upeneus guttatus (p. 38,42;tab.3,4;pl.1,3)
Upeneus heemstra Uiblein & Gouws, 2014 Upeneus tragula (p. 55-56;plates 2-3 (in part);)
Upeneus indicus Uiblein & Heemstra, 2010 Upeneus indicus (p. 38,43;tab.3,8;pl.1,3)
Upeneus japonicus (Houttuyn, 1782) Upeneus japonicus (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus luzonius Jordan & Seale, 1907 Upeneus luzonius (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus margarethae Uiblein & Heemstra, 2010 Upeneus margarethae (p. 38,44;tab.2,3,5;pl.1,3)
Upeneus mascareinsis Fourmanoir & Guézé, 1967 Upeneus mascareinsis (p. 38,49;tab.2,3,8;pl.1,3)
Upeneus moluccensis (Bleeker, 1855) Upeneus moluccensis (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus mouthami Randall & Kulbicki, 2006 Upeneus mouthami (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus oligospilus Lachner, 1954 Upeneus oligospilus (p. 48;tab.3,6;pl.1,3)
Upeneus parvus Poey, 1852 Upeneus parvus (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus pori Ben-Tuvia & Golani, 1989 Upeneus pori (p. 38;tab,2)
Upeneus quadrilineatus Cheng & Wang, 1963 Upeneus quadrilineatus (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus suahelicus Uiblein & Heemstra, 2010 Upeneus suahelicus (p. 38,50;tab.2,3,8;pl.2,3)
Upeneus subvittatus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1843) Upeneus subvittatus (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus sulphureus Cuvier, 1829 Upeneus sulphureus (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus sundaicus (Bleeker, 1855) Upeneus sundaicus (p. 38;tab.2)
Upeneus supravittatus Uiblein & Heemstra, 2010 Upeneus supravittatus (p. 53;tab.3,8;pl.2,3)
Upeneus taeniopterus Cuvier, 1829 Upeneus taeniopterus (p. 54;tab.3,6;pl.2,3)
Upeneus tragula Richardson, 1846 Upeneus tragula (p. 55)
Upeneus vittatus (Forsskål, 1775) Upeneus vittatus (p. 56;tab.3,8;pl.2,3)
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