List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 38
Species Name Used in Reference
Assiculus punctatus Richardson, 1846 Assiculus punctatus (p. 13)
Cypho zaps Gill, 2004 Cypho zaps (p. 20;fig.8=10;pl.1G)
Labracinus cyclophthalmus (Müller & Troschel, 1849) Labracinus cyclophthalmus (p. 26;fig.11A,13;pl.1H-J,2A)
Labracinus lineatus (Castelnau, 1875) Labracinus lineatus (p. 31)
Manonichthys alleni Gill, 2004 Manonichthys alleni (p. 34;fig.14-15;pl.2D-E)
Manonichthys paranox (Lubbock & Goldman, 1976) Manonichthys paranox (p. 37)
Manonichthys polynemus (Fowler, 1931) Manonichthys polynemus (p. 39)
Manonichthys splendens (Fowler, 1931) Manonichthys splendens (p. 40)
Manonichthys winterbottomi Gill, 2004 Manonichthys winterbottomi (p. 42;fig.14-15,17)
Ogilbyina salvati (Plessis & Fourmanoir, 1966) Ogilbyina salvati (p. 50)
Oxycercichthys veliferus (Lubbock, 1980) Oxycercichthys veliferus (p. 52)
Pholidochromis marginatus (Lubbock, 1980) Pholidochromis marginata (p. 53;fig.5,19-20)
Pictichromis aurifrons (Lubbock, 1980) Pictichromis aurifrons (p. 56)
Pictichromis coralensis Gill, 2004 Pictichromis coralensis (p. 56)
Pictichromis diadema (Lubbock & Randall, 1978) Pictichromis diadema (p. 56,61;fig.21;pl.4B)
Pictichromis ephippiata (Gill, Pyle & Earle, 1996) Pictichromis ephippiata (p. 56)
Pictichromis paccagnellae (Axelrod, 1973) Pictichromis paccagnellae (p. 56)
Pictichromis porphyrea (Lubbock & Goldman, 1974) Pictichromis porphyrea (p. 56)
Pseudochromis alticaudex Gill, 2004 Pseudochromis alticaudex (p. 76;fig.29-30)
Pseudochromis andamanensis Lubbock, 1980 Pseudochromis andamanensis (p. 78;fig.30,pl.4G)
Pseudochromis aureolineatus Gill, 2004 Pseudochromis aureolineatus (p. 80;fig.31;pl.4H)
Pseudochromis colei Herre, 1933 Pseudochromis colei (p. 91;fig.35-36)
Pseudochromis cyanotaenia Bleeker, 1857 Pseudochromis cyanotaenia (p. 95)
Pseudochromis eichleri Gill, Allen & Erdmann, 2012 Pseudochromis colei (p. pl. 5F; colour photo)
Pseudochromis fowleri Herre, 1934 Pseudochromis fowleri (p. 110;fig.30,41)
Pseudochromis fuscus Müller & Troschel, 1849 Pseudochromis fuscus (p. 113;fig.4B,23B,24A,43;pl.7D-J;)
Pseudochromis kolythrus Gill & Winterbottom, 1993 Pseudochromis kolythrus (p. 125)
Pseudochromis kristinae Gill, 2004 Pseudochromis kristinae (p. 126;fig.47;pl.8E.)
Pseudochromis leucorhynchus Lubbock, 1977 Pseudochromis leucorhynchus (p. 128;fig.33;pl.8F;tab.8)
Pseudochromis luteus Aoyagi, 1943 Pseudochromis luteus (p. 134)
Pseudochromis madagascariensis Gill, 2004 Pseudochromis madagascariensis (p. 136;fig.47,50)
Pseudochromis magnificus Lubbock, 1977 Pseudochromis magnificus (p. 137;fig.40;pl.9B-C)
Pseudochromis melanurus Gill, 2004 Pseudochromis melanurus (p. 143;fig.34;pl.9F-G)
Pseudochromis melas Lubbock, 1977 Pseudochromis melas (p. 145;fig.31;pl.9H-I)
Pseudochromis mooii Gill, 2004 Pseudochromis mooii (p. 146;fig.30,52)
Pseudochromis perspicillatus Günther, 1862 Pseudochromis perspicillatus (p. 158)
Pseudochromis punctatus Kotthaus, 1970 Pseudochromis punctatus (p. 162)
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma Bleeker, 1853 Pseudochromis tapeinosoma (p. 176)
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