List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 27
Species Name Used in Reference
Bufoceratias shaoi Pietsch, Ho & Chen, 2004 Bufoceratias shaoi (p. 15;tab.1)
Bufoceratias thele (Uwate, 1979) Bufoceratias thele (p. 15;tab.1)
Caulophryne pelagica (Brauer, 1902) Caulophryne pelagica (p. 15;tab.1)
Centrophryne spinulosa Regan & Trewavas, 1932 Centrophryne spinulosa (p. 16;tab.1)
Ceratias holboelli Krøyer, 1845 Ceratias holboelli (p. 16;tab.1)
Cryptopsaras couesii Gill, 1883 Cryptopsaras couesii (p. 10)
Diceratias bispinosus (Günther, 1887) Diceratias bispinosus (p. 15;tab.1)
Dolopichthys pullatus Regan & Trewavas, 1932 Dolopichthys pullatus (p. 15;tab.1)
Gigantactis cheni Ho & Shao, 2019 Gigantactis cheni (p. 13;fig.3A-C)
Gigantactis elsmani Bertelsen, Pietsch & Lavenberg, 1981 Gigantactis elsmani (p. 16;tab.1)
Gigantactis gargantua Bertelsen, Pietsch & Lavenberg, 1981 Gigantactis gargantua (p. 16;tab.1)
Gigantactis vanhoeffeni Brauer, 1902 Gigantactis vanhoeffeni (p. 16;tab.1)
Himantolophus groenlandicus Reinhardt, 1837 Himantolophus groenlandicus (p. 10)
Linophryne indica (Brauer, 1902) Linophryne indica (p. 16;tab.1)
Lophodolos indicus Lloyd, 1909 Lophodolos indicus (p. 15;tab.1)
Melanocetus johnsonii Günther, 1864 Melanocetus johnsonii (p. 15;tab.1)
Melanocetus murrayi Günther, 1887 Melanocetus murrayi (p. 15;tab.1)
Neoceratias spinifer Pappenheim, 1914 Neoceratias spinifer (p. 10)
Oneirodes carlsbergi (Regan & Trewavas, 1932) Oneirodes carlsbergi (p. 15;tab.1)
Oneirodes formosanus Ho & Shao, 2019 Oneirodes formosanus (p. 11;fig.1A-B,2A-B)
Oneirodes pietschi Ho & Shao, 2004 Oneirodes pietschi (p. 15;tab.1)
Oneirodes sabex Pietsch & Seigel, 1980 Oneirodes sabex (p. 15;tab.1)
Rhynchactis leptonema Regan, 1925 Rhynchactis leptonema (p. 16;tab.1)
Rhynchactis macrothrix Bertelsen & Pietsch, 1998 Rhynchactis macrothrix (p. 16;tab.1)
Spiniphryne gladisfenae (Beebe, 1932) Spiniphryne gladisfenae (p. 15;tab.1)
Thaumatichthys pagidostomus Smith & Radcliffe, 1912 Thaumatichthys pagidostomus (p. 15;tab.1)
Tyrannophryne pugnax Regan & Trewavas, 1932 Tyrannophryne pugnax (p. 15;tab.1)
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