List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
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Species Name Used in Reference
Abudefduf sordidus (Forsskål, 1775) Abudefduf sordidus (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus achilles Shaw, 1803 Acanthurus achilles (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus guttatus Forster, 1801 Acanthurus guttatus (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus leucopareius (Jenkins, 1903) Acanthurus leucopareius (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus nigrofuscus (Forsskål, 1775) Acanthurus nigrofuscus (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus nigroris Valenciennes, 1835 Acanthurus nigroris (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus nubilus (Fowler & Bean, 1929) Acanthurus nubilus (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus olivaceus Bloch & Schneider, 1801 Acanthurus olivaceus (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus thompsoni (Fowler, 1923) Acanthurus thompsoni (p. Tab.S4)
Acanthurus triostegus (Linnaeus, 1758) Acanthurus triostegus (p. Tab.S4)
Aluterus scriptus (Osbeck, 1765) Aluterus scriptus (p. Tab.S4)
Anampses caeruleopunctatus Rüppell, 1829 Anampses caeruleopunctatus (p. Tab.S4)
Anampses femininus Randall, 1972 Anampses femininus (p. Tab.S4)
Anampses twistii Bleeker, 1856 Anampses twistii (p. Tab.S4)
Aphareus furca (Lacepède, 1801) Aphareus furca (p. Tab.S4)
Aprion virescens Valenciennes, 1830 Aprion virescens (p. Tab.S5)
Arothron meleagris (Anonymous, 1798) Arothron meleagris (p. Tab.S4)
Aulostomus chinensis (Linnaeus, 1766) Aulostomus chinensis (p. Tab.S4)
Balistoides viridescens (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Balistoides viridescens (p. Tab.S4)
Bodianus axillaris (Bennett, 1832) Bodianus axillaris (p. Tab.S4)
Bodianus bilunulatus (Lacepède, 1801) Bodianus bilunulatus (p. Tab.S4)
Bodianus unimaculatus (Günther, 1862) Bodianus unimaculatus (p. Tab.S5)
Calotomus carolinus (Valenciennes, 1840) Calotomus carolinus (p. Tab.S4)
Cantherhines dumerilii (Hollard, 1854) Cantherhines dumerilii (p. Tab.S4)
Cantherhines longicaudus Hutchins & Randall, 1982 Cantherhines longicaudus (p. Tab.S4)
Cantherhines sandwichiensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) Cantherhines sandwichiensis (p. Tab.S4)
Canthigaster coronata (Vaillant & Sauvage, 1875) Canthigaster coronata (p. Tab.S4)
Canthigaster janthinoptera (Bleeker, 1855) Canthigaster janthinoptera (p. Tab.S4)
Caracanthus maculatus (Gray, 1831) Caracanthus maculatus (p. Tab.S4)
Carangoides orthogrammus (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882) Carangoides orthogrammus (p. Tab.S4)
Caranx ignobilis (Forsskål, 1775) Caranx ignobilis (p. Tab.S4)
Caranx lugubris Poey, 1860 Caranx lugubris (p. Tab.S4)
Caranx melampygus Cuvier, 1833 Caranx melampygus (p. Tab.S4)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (Bleeker, 1856) Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos (p. Tab.S4)
Carcharhinus falciformis (Bibron, 1839) Carcharhinus falciformis (p. Tab.S4)
Centropyge flavissima (Cuvier, 1831) Centropyge flavissimus (p. Tab.S4)
Centropyge hotumatua Randall & Caldwell, 1973 Centropyge hotumatua (p. Tab.S4)
Centropyge loriculus (Günther, 1874) Centropyge loricula (p. Tab.S4)
Cephalopholis argus Schneider, 1801 Cephalopholis argus (p. Tab.S4)
Cephalopholis spiloparaea (Valenciennes, 1828) Cephalopholis spiloparaea (p. Tab.S4)
Cephalopholis urodeta (Forster, 1801) Cephalopholis urodeta (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon auriga Forsskål, 1775 Chaetodon auriga (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon flavirostris Günther, 1874 Chaetodon flavirostris (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon lunula (Lacepède, 1802) Chaetodon lunula (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon mertensii Cuvier, 1831 Chaetodon mertensii (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon ornatissimus Cuvier, 1831 Chaetodon ornatissimus (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon pelewensis Kner, 1868 Chaetodon pelewensis (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus Gray, 1831 Chaetodon quadrimaculatus (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon reticulatus Cuvier, 1831 Chaetodon reticulatus (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon smithi Randall, 1975 Chaetodon smithi (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon ulietensis Cuvier, 1831 Chaetodon ulietensis (p. Tab.S4)
Chaetodon unimaculatus Bloch, 1787 Chaetodon unimaculatus (p. Tab.S4)
Cheilinus trilobatus Lacepède, 1801 Cheilinus trilobatus (p. Tab.S4)
Cheilinus undulatus Rüppell, 1835 Cheilinus undulatus (p. Tab.S4)
Cheilio inermis (Forsskål, 1775) Cheilio inermis (p. Tab.S4)
Chlorurus frontalis (Valenciennes, 1840) Chlorurus frontalis (p. Tab.S4)
Chlorurus microrhinos (Bleeker, 1854) Chlorurus microrhinos (p. Tab.S4)
Chromis acares Randall & Swerdloff, 1973 Chromis acares (p. Tab.S4)
Chromis bami Randall & McCosker, 1992 Chromis bami (p. Tab.S4)
Chromis pacifica Allen & Erdmann, 2020 Chromis agilis (p. Tab.S4)
Chromis pamae Randall & McCosker, 1992 Chromis pamae (p. Tab.S4)
Chromis vanderbilti (Fowler, 1941) Chromis vanderbilti (p. Tab.S4)
Chromis xanthura (Bleeker, 1854) Chromis xanthura (p. Tab.S4)
Chrysiptera galba (Allen & Randall, 1974) Chrysiptera galba (p. Tab.S4)
Chrysiptera glauca (Cuvier, 1830) Chrysiptera glauca (p. Tab.S4)
Cirrhilabrus scottorum Randall & Pyle, 1989 Cirrhilabrus scottorum (p. Tab.S4)
Cirrhitops hubbardi (Schultz, 1943) Cirrhitops hubbardi (p. Tab.S4)
Cirrhitus pinnulatus (Forster, 1801) Cirrhitus pinnulatus (p. Tab.S4)
Cirripectes variolosus (Valenciennes, 1836) Cirripectes variolosus (p. Tab.S4)
Coris aygula Lacepède, 1801 Coris aygula (p. Tab.S4)
Coris roseoviridis Randall, 1999 Coris roseoviridis (p. Tab.S4)
Ctenochaetus flavicauda Fowler, 1938 Ctenochaetus flavicauda (p. Tab.S4)
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis Randall, 1955 Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis (p. Tab.S4)
Ctenochaetus striatus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) Ctenochaetus striatus (p. Tab.S4)
Dascyllus flavicaudus Randall & Allen, 1977 Dascyllus flavicaudus (p. Tab.S4)
Dascyllus trimaculatus (Rüppell, 1829) Dascyllus trimaculatus (p. Tab.S4)
Diodon holocanthus Linnaeus, 1758 Diodon holocanthus (p. Tab.S4)
Diodon hystrix Linnaeus, 1758 Diodon hystrix (p. Tab.S4)
Epinephelus fasciatus (Forsskål, 1775) Epinephelus fasciatus (p. Tab.S4)
Epinephelus hexagonatus (Forster, 1801) Epinephelus hexagonatus (p. Tab.S4)
Epinephelus merra Bloch, 1793 Epinephelus merra (p. Tab.S4)
Epinephelus socialis (Günther, 1873) Epinephelus socialis (p. Tab.S4)
Epinephelus tauvina (Forsskål, 1775) Epinephelus tauvina (p. Tab.S4)
Etelis carbunculus Cuvier, 1828 Etelis carbunculus (p. Tab.S5)
Exallias brevis (Kner, 1868) Exalias brevis (p. Tab.S4)
Fistularia commersonii Rüppell, 1838 Fistularia commersonii (p. Tab.S4)
Forcipiger flavissimus Jordan & McGregor, 1898 Forcipiger flavissimus (p. Tab.S4)
Forcipiger longirostris (Broussonet, 1782) Forcipiger longirostris (p. Tab.S4)
Genicanthus spinus Randall, 1975 Genicanthus spinus (p. Tab.S4)
Gnathodentex aureolineatus (Lacepède, 1802) Gnathodentex aureolineatus (p. Tab.S4)
Gomphosus varius Lacepède, 1801 Gomphosus varius (p. Tab.S4)
Gymnosarda unicolor (Rüppell, 1836) Gymnosarda unicolor (p. Tab.S4)
Gymnothorax eurostus (Abbott, 1860) Gymnothorax eurostus (p. Tab.S4)
Gymnothorax javanicus (Bleeker, 1859) Gymnothorax javanicus (p. Tab.S4)
Gymnothorax meleagris (Shaw, 1795) Gymnothorax meleagris (p. Tab.S4)
Halichoeres margaritaceus (Valenciennes, 1839) Halichoeres margaritaceus (p. Tab.S4)
Halichoeres melasmapomus Randall, 1981 Halichoeres melasmapomus (p. Tab.S4)
Halichoeres ornatissimus (Garrett, 1863) Halichoeres ornatissimus (p. Tab.S4)
Hemigymnus fasciatus (Bloch, 1792) Hemigymnus fasciatus (p. Tab.S4)
Hemitaurichthys multispinosus Randall, 1975 Hemitaurichthys multispinosus (p. Tab.S4)
Heniochus chrysostomus Cuvier, 1831 Heniochus chrysostomus (p. Tab.S4)
Heniochus monoceros Cuvier, 1831 Heniochus monoceros (p. Tab.S4)
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus (Lacepède, 1801) Heteropriacanthus cruentatus (p. Tab.S4)
Hexanchus griseus (Bonnaterre, 1788) Hexanchus griseus (p. Tab.S5)
Hologymnosus annulatus (Lacepède, 1801) Hologymnosus annulatus (p. Tab.S4)
Iniistius celebicus (Bleeker, 1856) Iniistius celebicus (p. Tab.S4)
Labroides bicolor Fowler & Bean, 1928 Labroides bicolor (p. Tab.S4)
Labroides dimidiatus (Valenciennes, 1839) Labroides dimidiatus (p. Tab.S4)
Labroides rubrolabiatus Randall, 1958 Labroides rubrolabiatus (p. Tab.S4)
Labropsis polynesica Randall, 1981 Labropsis polynesica (p. Tab.S4)
Lactoria diaphana (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Lactoria diaphana (p. Tab.S4)
Leptoscarus vaigiensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) Leptoscarus vaigiensis (p. Tab.S4)
Lutjanus bohar (Forsskål, 1775) Lutjanus bohar (p. Tab.S4)
Lutjanus kasmira (Forsskål, 1775) Lutjanus kasmira (p. Tab.S4)
Macropharyngodon meleagris (Valenciennes, 1839) Macropharyngodon meleagris (p. Tab.S4)
Malacanthus brevirostris Guichenot, 1848 Malacanthus brevirostris (p. Tab.S5)
Monotaxis grandoculis (Forsskål, 1775) Monotaxis grandoculis (p. Tab.S4)
Mulloidichthys vanicolensis (Valenciennes, 1831) Mulloidichthys vanicolensis (p. Tab.S4)
Myripristis amaena (Castelnau, 1873) Myripristis amaena (p. Tab.S4)
Myripristis berndti Jordan & Evermann, 1903 Myripristis berndti (p. Tab.S4)
Myripristis tiki Greenfield, 1974 Myripristis tiki (p. Tab.S4)
Naso brevirostris (Cuvier, 1829) Naso brevirostris (p. Tab.S4)
Naso caesius Randall & Bell, 1992 Naso caesius (p. Tab.S4)
Naso hexacanthus (Bleeker, 1855) Naso hexacanthus (p. Tab.S4)
Naso lituratus (Forster, 1801) Naso lituratus (p. Tab.S4)
Naso unicornis (Forsskål, 1775) Naso unicornis (p. Tab.S4)
Nemateleotris magnifica Fowler, 1938 Nemateleotris magnifica (p. Tab.S4)
Neocirrhites armatus Castelnau, 1873 Neocirrhites armatus (p. Tab.S4)
Neoniphon opercularis (Valenciennes, 1831) Neoniphon opercularis (p. Tab.S4)
Neoniphon sammara (Forsskål, 1775) Neoniphon sammara (p. Tab.S4)
Novaculichthys taeniourus (Lacepède, 1801) Novaculichthys taeniourus (p. Tab.S4)
Ostorhinchus angustatus (Smith & Radcliffe, 1911) Ostorhinchus angustatus (p. Tab.S4)
Oxycheilinus unifasciatus (Streets, 1877) Oxycheilinus unifasciatus (p. Tab.S4)
Paracirrhites arcatus (Cuvier, 1829) Paracirrhites arcatus (p. Tab.S4)
Paracirrhites forsteri (Schneider, 1801) Paracirrhites forsteri (p. Tab.S4)
Paracirrhites hemistictus (Günther, 1874) Paracirrhites hemistictus (p. Tab.S4)
Parapercis millepunctata (Günther, 1860) Parapercis millepunctata (p. Tab.S4)
Parapercis schauinslandii (Steindachner, 1900) Parapercis schauinslandi (p. Tab.S4)
Parupeneus cyclostomus (Lacepède, 1801) Parupeneus cyclostomus (p. Tab.S4)
Parupeneus insularis Randall & Myers, 2002 Parupeneus insularis (p. Tab.S4)
Parupeneus multifasciatus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) Parupeneus multifasciatus (p. Tab.S4)
Parupeneus pleurostigma (Bennett, 1831) Parupeneus pleurostigma (p. Tab.S4)
Pempheris oualensis Cuvier, 1831 Pempheris oualensis (p. Tab.S4)
Pervagor aspricaudus (Hollard, 1854) Pervagor aspricaudus (p. Tab.S4)
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma (Bleeker, 1857) Plagiotremus tapeinosoma (p. Tab.S4)
Plectroglyphidodon dickii (Liénard, 1839) Plectroglyphidodon dickii (p. Tab.S4)
Plectroglyphidodon flaviventris Allen & Randall, 1974 Plectroglyphidodon flaviventris (p. Tab.S4)
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis (Vaillant & Sauvage, 1875) Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis (p. Tab.S4)
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus Fowler & Ball, 1924 Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus (p. Tab.S4)
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus (Bleeker, 1859) Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus (p. Tab.S4)
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis (Schultz, 1943) Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis (p. Tab.S4)
Pomacanthus imperator (Bloch, 1787) Pomacanthus imperator (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudanthias mooreanus (Herre, 1935) Pseudanthias mooreanus (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudanthias ventralis (Randall, 1979) Pseudanthias ventralis (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudobalistes fuscus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Pseudobalistes fuscus (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudocaranx dentex (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Pseudocaranx dentex (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudocheilinus citrinus Randall, 1999 Pseudocheilinus citrinus (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia Jenkins, 1901 Pseudocheilinus octotaenia (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia Schultz, 1960 Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudojuloides atavai Randall & Randall, 1981 Pseudojuloides atavai (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudolabrus fuentesi (Regan, 1913) Pseudolabrus fuentesi (p. Tab.S4)
Pseudotriakis microdon de Brito Capello, 1868 Pseudotriakis microdon (p. Tab.S5)
Pterocaesio tile (Cuvier, 1830) Pterocaesio tile (p. Tab.S4)
Pterois antennata (Bloch, 1787) Pterois antennata (p. Tab.S4)
Rhinecanthus lunula Randall & Steene, 1983 Rhinecanthus lunula (p. Tab.S4)
Rhinecanthus rectangulus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Rhinecanthus rectangulus (p. Tab.S4)
Sargocentron diadema (Lacepède, 1802) Sargocentron diadema (p. Tab.S4)
Sargocentron punctatissimum (Cuvier, 1829) Sargocentron punctatissimum (p. Tab.S4)
Sargocentron spiniferum (Forsskål, 1775) Sargocentron spiniferum (p. Tab.S4)
Sargocentron tiere (Cuvier, 1829) Sargocentron tiere (p. Tab.S4)
Scarus altipinnis (Steindachner, 1879) Scarus altipinnis (p. Tab.S4)
Scarus forsteni (Bleeker, 1861) Scarus forsteni (p. Tab.S4)
Scarus frenatus Lacepède, 1802 Scarus frenatus (p. Tab.S4)
Scarus ghobban Forsskål, 1775 Scarus ghobban (p. Tab.S4)
Scarus longipinnis Randall & Choat, 1980 Scarus longipinnis (p. Tab.S4)
Scarus schlegeli (Bleeker, 1861) Scarus schlegeli (p. Tab.S4)
Scomberoides lysan (Forsskål, 1775) Scomberoides lysan (p. Tab.S4)
Scorpaenopsis possi Randall & Eschmeyer, 2002 Scorpaenopsis possi (p. Tab.S4)
Seriola lalandi Valenciennes, 1833 Seriola lalandi (p. Tab.S4)
Seriola rivoliana Valenciennes, 1833 Seriola rivoliana (p. Tab.S4)
Siganus argenteus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) Siganus argenteus (p. Tab.S4)
Sphyraena qenie Klunzinger, 1870 Sphyraena qenie (p. Tab.S4)
Stegastes emeryi (Allen & Randall, 1974) Stegastes emeryi (p. Tab.S4)
Stegastes fasciolatus (Ogilby, 1889) Stegastes fasciolatus (p. Tab.S4)
Stethojulis bandanensis (Bleeker, 1851) Stethojulis bandanensis (p. Tab.S4)
Sufflamen bursa (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Sufflamen bursa (p. Tab.S4)
Sufflamen fraenatum (Latreille, 1804) Sufflamen frenatus (p. Tab.S4)
Synodus capricornis Cressey & Randall, 1978 Synodus capricornis (p. Tab.S4)
Thalassoma heiseri Randall & Edwards, 1984 Thalassoma heiseri (p. Tab.S4)
Thalassoma lutescens (Lay & Bennett, 1839) Thalassoma lutescens (p. Tab.S4)
Thalassoma purpureum (Forsskål, 1775) Thalassoma purpureum (p. Tab.S4)
Thalassoma trilobatum (Lacepède, 1801) Thalassoma trilobatum (p. Tab.S4)
Triaenodon obesus (Rüppell, 1837) Triaenodon obesus (p. Tab.S4)
Variola louti (Forsskål, 1775) Variola louti (p. Tab.S4)
Xanthichthys mento (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882) Xanthichthys mento (p. Tab.S4)
Zanclus cornutus (Linnaeus, 1758) Zanclus cornutus (p. Tab.S4)
Zebrasoma rostratum (Günther, 1875) Zebrasoma rostratum (p. Tab.S4)
Zebrasoma scopas (Cuvier, 1829) Zebrasoma scopas (p. Tab.S4)
Zebrasoma velifer (Bloch, 1795) Zebrasoma veliferum (p. Tab.S4)
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