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Acantopsis rungthipae Boyd, Nithirojpakdee
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Accepted name
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senior synonym, original combination
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In Boyd, Nithirojpakdee, Deein, Vidthayanon, Grudpan, Tangjitjaroen, Pfeiffer, Randall, Srisombat & Page.
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Greek, akantha = thorn + Greek, ops = similar (Ref. 45335).
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Named for Rungthip Plongsesthee, who was born on 27 May 1978 and died on 16 July 2014. 'Kae' was a dear friend, close colleague, a Ph.D. student of Dr. F. W. H. Beamish at Burapha University, Bangsaen, Thailand, and an extremely enthusiastic ichthyologist who is greatly missed by her many friends.
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