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Pseudoscopelus odontoglossum Melo, 2010   !
Synonym for Pseudoscopelus odontoglossus Melo, 2010

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senior synonym, original combination, misspelling
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  Etymology of generic noun  
Greek, pseudes = false + Greek, skopelos = a lantern fish (Ref. 45335). Lütken did not recognize the presence of photophores on the body, confusing them with pores, but referred to a genus of lanternfish (Scopelus now Myctophum) when he named the genus (Ref. 85782).
  Etymology of specific epithet  
Name from the Greek ‘odont-‘, meaning tooth, and ‘glosso’, for tongue; referring to the presence of well developed teeth on the bones of the tongue, basihyal and first ceratobranchial.
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