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Name used Year Latitude Longitude Catalog No. Information
Atropus atropos11.0379.85106169 Portal: OBIS. Source: NCL
3.17101.67UBC 631349Lindsey, C.C., MALAYA SELANGOR MARKET AT KUALA LAMPUR, Western malaya. Some fish brought from elsewhere.
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
2.17102.25UBC 631359Lindsey, C.C., MALAYA (W COAST) MALACCA MALACCA MARKET. Some fish may have been brought from elsewhere in Malaya.
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
2.02102.50UBC 631348Lindsey, C.C.; via Su Ching Ming, MALAYA JOHORE MUAR MARKET (BANDAR MAHARANI), W. coast Malaya. Some fish brought from elsewhere including E coast of Malaya
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
22.22114.15UBC 590555Lindsey, C.C., HONG KONG ABERDEEN FISH MARKET
Portal: FB. Source: UBC
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