Occurrence Records Contributed by Bernd Ueberschaer

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Collection name Country Locality Date Attachment Date added Name
Abramis brama   Hungary Balaton 13/07/1983 -picture- 04/10/2000 Ueberschär B.
Abramis brama   Sweden Munkedal, South of Sweden, River Valboan 03/08/2002 -picture- 11/11/2002 Ueberschär B.
Amblyraja radiata   Denmark Kattegat 13/08/1986 -picture- 04/10/2000 Ueberschär B.
Anarhichas denticulatus   Greenland Disko Bay, Westgreenland 08/10/2005 -picture- 03/11/2005 Ueberschär B.
Belone belone   Sweden Landskrona Borstahusen 12/05/2002 -picture- 03/07/2002 Ueberschär B.
Chelidonichthys lucerna   Scott I. Off Outer Hebrides 20/08/1986 -picture- 04/10/2000 Ueberschär B.
Esox lucius   Sweden Rönneby, South of Sweden 30/04/2005 -picture- 12/05/2005 Ueberschär B.
Eutrigla gurnardus   Denmark Kattegat 15/09/1984 -picture- 04/10/2000 Ueberschär B.
Pollachius virens   Scott I. Outer Hebrides 16/08/1986 -picture- 03/10/2000 Ueberschär B.
Salvelinus alpinus   Sweden Lake in Sweden 10/07/1984 -picture- 04/10/2000 Ueberschär B.
Sarda sarda   USA Atlantic off Palm Beach, Florida 13/08/2001 -picture- 07/09/2001 Ueberschär B.
Scomberomorus cavalla   USA Atlantic off Palm Beach, Florida 13/08/2001 -picture- 06/09/2001 Ueberschär B.
Trichiurus lepturus   Brazil South-East Atlantic 15/12/1990 -picture- 22/10/2001 Ueberschär B.