Gammogobius steinitzi Bath, 1971
Steinitz's goby
Gammogobius steinitzi
photo by Patzner, R.

Family:  Gobiidae (Gobies), subfamily: Gobiinae
Max. size:  3.8 cm SL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  demersal; marine; depth range 2 - 15 m
Distribution:  Mediterranean Sea: western basin near Marseilles.
Diagnosis:  Dorsal spines (total): 7-7; Dorsal soft rays (total): 8-8; Anal spines: 1-1; Anal soft rays: 8-8. Description: Body with ctenoid scales, except for the cycloid scales on the ventral side of the abdomen and on the base of the pectoral fin; LL 30-32; TR 10-11; brownish to brownish yellow body color; 7 lateral vertical pale bands, first in front of C origin, seventh beginning at the origin of D1; 2 bands on the predorsal area; 3 bands on cheek; black spots along dorsal fin bases; head with anterior oculoscapular canal present, with all pores; posterior oculoscapular and preopercular canal absent. (Ref. 35249).
Biology:  Occurs inshore, in submarine grottoes (Ref. 4696).
IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC); Date assessed: 11 March 2014 Ref. (130435)
Threat to humans:  harmless

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